Saturday PM: "Excision" - DRYH/Inception Hack


The target is someone important, a big deal. That's not unusual. What's unusual is that this is not an extraction job.

You're going into this guy's head, all right, but you're not going in there to find a secret -- you're going in there to make a secret disappear.

But if the secret has already taken root in the target's mind, how are you going to get him to let go of it, or to bury it so deep he can't find it again?

And what will happen to you if you fail?

Excision will be run using a heavily modified version of Don't Rest Your Head. Some concepts will be similar, but there's enough drift here that you might call it a new system.

Bring your dice bags: you'll need several full sets of polyhedra to play. I'll bring my spares just in case. :)

EDIT: I'm going to streeeetch the scenario such that I can handle six players, given the demand.

Slot 1: Tom Cadorette (madwabbit)
Slot 2: QuinnHarlech
Slot 3: Cassander
Slot 4: Patience (aka Celoriel)
Slot 5: Funeris
Optional Slot 6: Chad Underkoffler (if he manifests)

Alt 1: OPEN
Alt 2: OPEN
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Playtest last night went reasonably well. Fingers crossed. :)

Make sure to have plenty of polyhedra on hand if you sign up!


First Post
Can I join?

I'd like to play, please!

I'm known as Celeloriel in other forums, including twitter. :) I haven't seen the movie and I've never played DRYH, but I do own a heck of a lot of dice.

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