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So my brother Hank and I ran a session of Shadowrun 6 (having played V. 1 ,2 and 3 extensively back in the 90's) and it was a disaster. Just a cluster of biblical proportions due mainly to the rules. So we decided we were going to examine several genre agnostic rules sets (Fate, GURPS and Savage Worlds) and pick the one we thought would work best for us. We finally settled on Savage Worlds after trying the Lankhmar Savage Worlds Boxed Set. Everyone loved it and I will prolly revisit that session. So I picked up the East Texas Boxed Set as I thought the nature of the rules would lend themselves to horror after watching The Wildcards ETU Session on YouTube.
The party consisted of 5 family members, including 2 who have never played TTRPGs. We rented the private room at https://www.hammerfall-games.com/ in Seminole FLA for Black Friday from 12 noon to 8 pm. Now I will admit my prep time was very short, maybe 5 minutes due to family in town at my house for Thanksgiving and all the work that took and all the alcohol consumed having fun... I presented the 5 players with the pre-gens from a supplement I downloaded off Drive thru. My brother Hank chose the Cheerleader and played her well. He had us all in stitches. My daughter Arlyn played the Journalism major. My son Ty played the Frat boy to the T. Matthew played the local boy. And rounding out the group was the Outsider (martial Arts) played by Aiden.

Matthew, my nephew, who has never played any rpg's was stunned when I told him we would be here for 8 hours. Looked sad. I was a little apprehensive at that myself. To say the 8 hours were a blur would be an understatement. I ran the adventure, which has 3 well laid-out portions with easily read and digested points, standing and moving. Dropped the lights down when we met 1st ghost and we were off from there. Ad-libbed a lot of small scenes but I have been DM'ng for years and it just comes easily now as I have a feel for moving the adventure when it goes off rails. We had a great time.

Matthew has now asked if we can play over the internet. LOL I would say it went well when you leave the novice begging for more.

Looks like my brother Hank is going to run some Mothership next weekend. I am excited to play that as I backed the kickstarter.

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