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D&D 5E Saving throws in 5e


(he, him)
Or better: discuss as you wish. But not with me. I can decide what I want to discuss and what not.
The way to not discuss something on a public discussion forum is simply not to post. Making multiple posts laying down the law is not not discussing it.

Indeed. I’ll repeat my preference for NADs to resist the initial effect and saves as a duration mechanic (but with 5e style variable bonuses and DCs). Honestly, you could even eliminate saves and just always use checks for that purpose.
The problem with that in a 5e context is that 5e saves can quite easily be literally impossible, leading to durations which never end.

....Hit Dice are literally nothing like Healing Surges other than that they provide healing.

That's it. That's literally the only thing they share in common.
Not even that much. Hit dice provide healing, healing surges limit healing that something else provides.

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