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Scheduling for IRON DM 2013!


Quick question. How many times do we have to check in to get started? I'm not complaining about not going up against last year's winner (talk about pressure), but I had already checked in yesterday morning, ran out to run some errands, and apparently missed the second round of check-ins. As I mentioned before, I'm good to go whenever. Just give me a mention when I'm up and I'll be there.


Once A Fool
I'm calling for check-ins on these 24-hour matches because I want to make sure that the contestants see the ingredients (and have time to do something with them.) 'Cause 24 hours can be hard.

In your case, we (all three of us) kept missing each other by hours--and I didn't want to take the chance.

For the next two matches, though, I'll call for a range of availability and narrow it down with the check-ins.

...Speaking of which:

[MENTION=6726030]Mike Myler[/MENTION]

would any two of you like to start a match sometime between Wednesday and Sunday?

If so, please post your availability--including a range of time that you could begin in.


Is it Tuesday? Its been one of those days.

But I'll be ready. For the sake of convenience, just assume that I am checked in.


Gotcha. I'm ready to go at any time. Lay it on me! No, not there, that part's sensitive.


I'm all set for this too. [MENTION=221]Wicht[/MENTION], I look forward to a good competition. Best of luck.

On that note, I return to my campaign prep for tonight. I can't wait to have treants lumber out of the woods to attack the wagon while dryads lure PCs off into the woods. :D


Cute but dangerous
Looks like I'll be at several hospitals all through this week. :-S Hate it when they set appointments without asking back if that works for me.

Mike Myler

This week I've been blindsided by unforeseen circumstance. I've got to re-do a great deal of labor that I previously thought finished and will be working extremely long days until it's completed. I'm out for no less than a week. :(


Once A Fool
Well..it looks like you might have to wait a little while on your match, EP, as the remaining 3 contestants are all tied up for the moment.


I'm liking these ingredients. I've got a concept in mind, just a matter of fleshing it out. But the ingredients play together very nicely.


Mine too.

After taking a few hours to relax and do other things, I came back and read your entry, Wicht. Nice work! I really liked your use of the elements.

The craziest thing...
My current 5th Edition campaign features a haunted town protected by a family of druidic werewolves, one of whom is a PC.

Radiating Gnome

Registered User
I'm back from travels and would be available for a Match that starts tomorrow. Give me a night to sleep off the jet lag.



Once A Fool
[MENTION=41744]EP[/MENTION], [MENTION=6726030]Mike Myler[/MENTION], [MENTION=53286]Lwaxy[/MENTION] can any of you take on Radiating Gnome tomorrow (Sunday)? If so, please post a range of times you could go.