Scimitar Dance, not just for scimitars?


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I've been considering extending the scimitar dance feat to a few other blades, namely the falchion, as well as two Eberron weapons I use, the double scimitar and the Talentan tangat. Indeed scimitar-like heavy blades seem to be a subcategory of heavy blades and I think they should be treated as such. Anyone else does something similar?

Valenar Double Scimitar
Double Weapon
Damage: 1d8/1d8
Group: Heavy Blade
Properties: High crit, off-hand (should it have defensive too?)

Talentan Tangat
Prof.: +2
Damage: d12
Group: Heavy Blade
Properties: High crit, small

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I let Scimitar Dance benefit Falchions too, although I reworked Falchions to being pretty much your Talentan Tangat there.

And, yeah, the Double Scimitar should have the Defensive property, all other Double weapons have it (and the one feat that lets you use a Quarterstaff as a double weapon gives it too).

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