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SG1: An Old Friend (Wik Judging)


First Post
Hey Mellub, can I suggest Matthew take a melee weapon? :p

As for Corran, he would love the masterwork breastplate, but would be happy with a standard breastplate, as well. There's nothing else in the loot that he would find overly useful, and he's happy selling it all off.
From Aldus, Corran would love a masterwork light crossbow and scrolls of lesser restoration, zone of truth, endure elements and cure light wounds.

Stonegod, that was a great first adventure. It felt real, and I was convinced that we were done there at the end. Thank you for running it!

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Mathew cannot use the greatsword w/o a feat, BTW, though the breastplate is fine. Maybe a mwk morningstar from Aldus? Also, are those all scrolls or potions or mix?

Corran could do w/ one of the other breastplates if he wants it, and if anyone wants a shield, let me know.

Haven't heard from Dirk yet on any requests from Genithar.

ooc; sorry gents, my work just installed a horrible internet blocker, so I can't access EN during the day. it actually really sucks.

The Wizard, upon talking with the Elder Dwarf, becomes much more amiable. Obviously his blood was up from the fight and perhaps, with some good ol' fashioned Karnnathi paranoia mixed in, Genithar was a bit hasty.

Apologizing to Aldus for any perceived slight, the Wizard gratefully accepts the Master Artificer's offer, eyes lighting up at the possibilites.
Finally settling on a list, as the group makes their wishes for gear known, Genithar presents his own request:

700gp worth of Gear

Comprehend Languages 25gp
Enlarge Person 25gp
Hold Portal 25gp
Mage Armor 25gp
Magic Missle 25gp
Magic Weapon 25gp
True Strike x2 50gp
Knock 150gp

Subtotal 350gp

Mage Armor 50gp
Invisibility 300gp

Subtotal 350gp

Total 700gp

In regards to the splitting of gear, Genithar is only interested in the Oil of Repair Light, saying the rest should be sold, though is more than happy to award Lorth the Potion Bracer, Mellub the Masterwork Greatsword ('Perhaps a professional curiosity from the House of Making?), and Corran the Masterwork Breastplate.

As for the rest of the gear, the Wizard is for selling it all and splitting up the proceeds equally, though subtracting the worth of each of the items he and his three comrades requested from their shares and thus more gold going to Balnibar.

oocly; StoneGod, should we calculate up the gp from selling the items not wanted? Or can you do that? Also, should I use the above exp post (#508) for tracking both exp and treasure, on my PC's approved sheet? Or just for the exp? Woot! 2nd lvl, what! Can't wait to get some new spells!

What a great adventure! Very happy with it all around and the pay off is doooope.


First Post
stonegod said:
Mathew cannot use the greatsword w/o a feat, BTW, though the breastplate is fine. Maybe a mwk morningstar from Aldus? Also, are those all scrolls or potions or mix?
Mathew only wants it for future Magic Item Creation experimentation. I will take the Gretsword that is fine by me,

And those are all scrolls.

OOC: alright gents, here's the math as I see it, please feel free to correct/suggest

- 26gp
- 1 Oil of light repair 25gp (?)
- 4 Studded Leather Armors 25x4=100gp
- 4 Short Swords 10x4=40gp
- 4 Hand Crossbows 100x4=400gp
- 32 Hand Crossbow Bolts 1gp/10=30gp
- 2 Heavy Wooden Shields 7x2=14gp
- 2 Breastplates 200x2=400gp
- 1 Mwk Breastplate 350gp
- 2 Bastard Swords 35x2=70gp
- Mwk Greatsword 350gp
- Potion Bracer 15gp (?)
Grand Total 1820
1820/5=364 each

So Lorth gets the bracer plus 349gp, Corran MW Breastplate and 14gp, Mathew MW Grt Sword and 14gp, Genithar Oil of Repair Light and 339gp, and Blanibar gets the full 364gp.

Does that sound good. I think I'm updating my character! Woot! I'd totally join any of you again on an adventure!


First Post
Dirk Nightbreese said:
I'd totally join any of you again on an adventure!
Here, here! I'll be happy to share a drink at the tavern, or to fight beside any of you again.

As for the loot divide, it looks good to me.


Oh, ps- Genithar kept the improved manacles, and I'd assume Lorth kept the grapple and silk rope, just as Balnibar still has the thunderstone. Don't forget to mark that stuff down!

Mell, would Mathew craft things for Genithar, if given money? Is that even allowed on here?

oh boo. well, i guess that effs that up. no matter, minus the items requested, the total gp would be 1080, divided by 2 is 540gp. Obviously MW item owners don't get any gp, so divide 540 by 3 and get 180 each. I'll subtract the amount of the less expensive items from that pcs total and add it to the only person who didn't get gear.

Thus, Corran MW Breastplate, Mathew MW Great Sword, Lorth Potion Bracer and 165gp, Genithar Oil of Repair light and 155gp, and finally Balnibar with 220gp. Perhaps not totally equal, but I think it's pretty fair, agreed?

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