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SG1: An Old Friend (Wik Judging)


First Post
Mathew gathers his wounded allies and tries to make them as comfortable as possible. "Let him go. Too much blood is spilt already." . After his friends are comfortable he infuses a repair light damge on Fetch and searches the bodies in the room hoping to find potions or scrolls.

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Mathew finds another potion on the brute. The brute has his well-made, wicked looking greatsword, the heavy has a bastard sword and the rogue a shortsword. They all have armor of various sorts (2 breastplates, two heavy shields, and studded leather). Between them, they have 8gp.

Administering the potions to Lorth and Corran, each are brought to consciousness. [Lorth has 1hp, Corran 6]


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Let me know any questions you have for Aldus when he gets out (its not instantaneous) so I can write the wrap up post. Also, if you have anything else you wish to do.

Mellub---this would be a good time to get your adventure approved. Thral'k is waiting.... :)


First Post
Once he has returned to consciousness, Corran will want to ask Aldus a few questions about aberrant dragonmarks, and if he knows anything about an organization built around these unpleasant aberrations. He will ask for any further information Aldus can remember about where he found the Koldoran Piece, and if he remembers any further details about its appearance (wondering if finding this lost artifact is the purpose Balinor has for him.) Finally, he will ask if Aldus has any idea who else might be interested in finding it (maybe the sponsor for the original expedition.)

As the fog of battle clears, leaving Genithar among the standing victorious, the Wizard's only concern is for his fallen comrades; quickly moving to Lorth, Balnibar, and finally Corran.

After seeing that the gnome is only unconscious, as well as the Shifter and Faithful of Balinor healed, the darkly robed elf helps the young human to his feet, remarking cheerily, 'You had me worried, friend Corran. It seems you've escaped the ultimate curse of us mortals, for now.' this last is spoken with a very wistful smile.

Turning to the rest of the group, and seeing Lorth still severely wounded, Genithar still chuckles at the monk's words, his mirth turning to pain as his broken ribs are strained. Nodding in agreement, he replies shakily, 'Rest easy, Master Monk, we've all but completed our assignment. Stand strong for but a short time longer.'

Looking to the menacing Doggie and Fetch, Genithar makes sure Mathew has a handle on them before moving to the downed leader and making sure to sketch down the dark aberrant mark upon his face. Then, grabbing up the fallen greatsword, seems quite impressed with it, as he comments offhandedly to Lorth, 'May I have my Smokestick back, friend?'

As the group waits for Aldus, the Wizard reclaims both his crossbow and dagger, gazing about the room for any other gear that might be of interest. Genithar splits the gold evenly between the 5 men, placing a single piece upon Balnibar's chest, but collecting the scrap book from his unconscious form, and only taking one piece himself, offers 2gp each to the rest of the group.

Once Master Artificer Thunderbanner is among them, the Wizard has many questions for him; wanting extensive details on the SCHEMA that is the Koldoran Piece, indeed, Genithar is not convinced the dwarf does NOT have it, and presses him on this point. Asking also what the schema's function is ('for did not the Dwarf study it when it WAS in hand?') as well as what it looks like exactly, Genithar is very interested in who else was on the expedition, as well as where those persons are now, ten years later.

Thinking on the Aberrant marks themselves, the Wizard wonders if there is any connection tween the house of Aberrants of the past and of the present, or if the name Tarkanan has any meaning for those. ooc;know:arcana/history?
Genithar is also very keen to question Aldus on what he knows of these matters, or if he'd had dealings with any of the people who accosted his workshop/home before.

Finally, Genithar wants to make sure his group has salvage rights to all the gear upon the Aberrants they defeated, though he wants no part of the downed watchmen or their gear, but seems worried that this group of Aberrants might have ties to one of the local Sharn watches, he intends to check the unconscious watchmen for Aberrant marks of their own.

ooc;ROCK! Nicely done, gents! What a battle! It seems we pulled it out, with some timely Cannith help (go mel!) at the end. Can't wait to see the conclusion to this scene! It's time to find out what's going on(i hope!), and get paid, yo!


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Mathew wants to use his Cannith influence to ensure the watchmen are turned over to someone who will see they are dealt with appropiately(using the Favored in House feat). But first he has general questions about the schema and implores Aldus to warn his former employer of the possible troubles coming his way.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
The Aftermath

It takes about 5 minutes for Aldus' portal wall to power down, allowing him to escape his makeshift prison. The group finally gets a look at the dwarf: A wide figure in his late middle years, Aldus is garbed in the leathers of his work attire. His braided white beard is almost as intricate as his worksman apron.

Aldus thanks you all profusely while tending to Fetch. The unconscious Balnibar is set on a divan to rest, while Aldus has an ugly looking homunculus that had been hiding in the junk room make a meal. Over tea and some hearty sandwiches, Aldus and the party tries to piece what occurred. His dwarf sized furniture is a bit... cramped.

Aldus cannot tell you more about the Koldoran Piece other than its unusual appearance. It seemed to be a partial schema, having to do something with channeling an unusual power and constructs, but that is all Aldus put together in his brief time with it. Of his traveling companions on the journey, only two are still alive; he has seen neither in several years. Aldus is not sure if the Professor is still living or at Morgrave, though the kobold's words suggest so. When Genithar presses him on possession of the piece, the dwarf glowers---a sentiment echoed by Doggie's metallic and electric growl. Aldus firmly and curtly informs the wizard that it is not in his possession.

Of the assailants, a look at their identification papers shows them to be from Mallorean's Gate. Once Aldus knows this, he snorts and has Cheep fetch the local watch to assist in the clean up. None of the watchmen are marked, and the Highhold watch identifies 'Tarkanan' as being more formally known as "House Tarkanan"---a group of thieves and assassins built around aberrant dragonmarks. The names send a chill through Corran and Mathew, as they recognize the name: The master general of the Aberrant army during the War of the Mark.

The one who sacrificed himself at what would become Sharn.

Aldus thanks the group again for their help, though he seems a bit peeved at Genithar's questioning. He looks them over and offers them his services---a mastework weapon or armor or perhaps salve, scroll, or other light work. [In game terms, he will provide a masterwork weapon, masterwork armor, or scrolls, alchemical gear, or potions of up to 700gp in value.]

With that, the day being taxing, the group is released by to their own devices.


XP Awards
All but IVV:
1335 for foes defeated.
+150 for time taken (3 months)
1485 XP total

840 for foes defeated.
+100 for time taken (2 months)
940 XP total

- 26gp
- 2 smokesticks (2 used)
- 3 potions of cure moderate (All used)
- 2 Scrolls of cure light wounds (Both used)
- 1 Oil of light repair
- 4 Studded Leather Armors
- 4 Short Swords
- 4 Hand Crossbows
- 32 Hand Crossbow Bolts
- 2 Heavy Wooden Shields
- 2 Breastplates
- 1 Mwk Breastplate
- 2 Bastard Swords
- Mwk Greatsword
- Potion Bracer
- Up to 700gp per character of masterwork weaponry, armor, scrolls, potions, or alchemicla goods
Please make a post here on how you distribute everything (or if you sell it) and what you take from Aldus' offer.

Thanks, all. See you around the tavern!
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First Post
Well Lorth isn't interested in any of the non-cash loot except the potion bracer. As to the 700 gp allotment, he would like a masterwork light crossbow, an everburning torch, and as many CLW potions as he can from the remaining amount.

Thanks a lot stonegod, this was loads of fun.


First Post
Mathew would like the MW Greatsword or MW Breastplate whichever is more suitable to the group. As for Aldus's promise of merchandise Mathew intends to take full advantage. He asks for the following:
2 Cure Moderate Wounds
4 Cure Light Wounds
4 Detect Magic
4 Read Magic
8 Mage Armor

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