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SG1: An Old Friend (Wik Judging)


First Post
Corran hears the wizard's advice, but chooses to stay in the relative safety of the smoke. He again tries to distract an opponent to open him up to Doggie's tender mercies.
[sblock=ooc] aid other to distract the brute for Doggie's attack. [/sblock]
Drerek, is Lorth going to spend an AP to stabilize, or should I be trying to get in position for a cure minor?

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Dirk Nightbreese said:
ooc; Is M's position on the map correct?
Yes. Double moves through the chamber, and a standard action for the stone doesn't leave you w/ a lot of movement.
Dirk said:
IVV, if you're out there, chime in! Let's take it to them with...uh, Wizard's style?
Balnibar's unconscious anyway. Not much IVV could contribute.


First Post
Redclaw said:
Drerek, is Lorth going to spend an AP to stabilize, or should I be trying to get in position for a cure minor?
I forgot I could do that. :heh: Yes, action point to stabalize for Lorth please.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Showdown: Round 11

Lorth's wounds stabilize. [AP spent] Beside him, Corran presses the attack selflessly, and with a well timed thrust, provides aide. [Aid another] Mathew, meanwhile, attempts to redirect Fetch... but the stone is cold and lifeless. [UMD 14 fails].

Undirected, the homunculi continue their actions. Doggie emerges from the fog and nips at the brute's heels. The brute, however, easily dodges the clumsy bite. The wisp pulls away from the brute, and, dodging the brute and heavy's swipes, brings the potion to its 'master' Mathew.

Genithar curses as Fetch moves past him, and waits instead for his moment. [Delay]

The two thugs chuckle, apparently confident now. The heavy's blow is wide, but the brute's blow is true. With a gurgle, Corran collapses! [Brute hits; 11hp; dying]

Showdown: Round 12

Upper floor

G: 21 [1/4hp, shield]
L: 15 [-3/10hp, stable]
C: 22 [-5/9hp, dying]
M: 19 [7/7, 5 nonlethal]
C: 18
D: 18
F: 18 [moderately wounded]
H: 18 [topmost dying, bottom-most slightly wounded]
R: 12 [Fled, one killed]
B: 10 [2/9hp, 3 nonlethal, unconscious]
L: 8 [moderately wounded]

Map Key: B: Balnibar, C: Cheep, C: Corran, D: Doggie, F: Fetch, G: Genithar, H: Angry Heavy, L: Lorth, L: Brute leader, M: Mathew, R: Wiry Thugs.
Conditions: Smoky region provides concealment to those on the other side, but can be moved into. Dark Red Border: Dying, Lime Border: Entangled, Red Border: Disabled, Transparent: Unconscious, Yellow Border: Frightened, White Border: Staggered

[Round 12 actions]


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ooc; man, this is NOT good. Well Mel, looks like you and I are left. You've got Corran's Morningstar, yeah? How many infusions? Anything that will help us heal downed allies? Or Buff up you or me? Also, any offensive infusions? Or Offensive Alchemical items your PC is carrying? I suggest you use an Action Point for your next UMD roll. STONEGOD, is fetch on Mathew's sqr? What sort of action is receiving the potion from it? We GOTTA pull this out!

With a shout of, 'Corrrrraaaan! No! Damn you all, false Gods!' the Wizard fights back a wave of overwhelming emotions; scalding loss, seizing fear, but mostly a blooming hot rage.

With an almost feral growl, that would do Lorth proud, Genithar takes charge of his future, mentally clamping down upon the dizzying emotions and shouting orders in the blink of an eye, 'Mathew, get the potion and cure Lorth! Doggie and Fetch on full attack!

Catching sight of the heavy's shoulder peaking out from the smoke screen that's been the group's life saver, the elf does not hesitate, flinging the readied tanglefoot toward the aberrant marked killer, shouting a battle cry, followed by a desperate,'ALDUS! AID US!!'

Keeping his blade at the ready, Genithar prays to his ancestors, to the sanctity of life, to victory in the eternal battle, as he dashes north into the smoke, seeking to threaten those who would converge upon his friend's fallen bodies.

ooc; standard ranged touch on the heavy with tanglefoot, if i have an AP, i'll burn it. move 10' north to stand to the left of Corran


First Post
Mathew receives the potion from fetch and commands him to attack again(using action point if needed). Then inches his way forward to find the fallen cleric.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Showdown: Round 12

The worried wizard frantically tosses his tanglefoot bag at the brute. The flask hits easily, but while the glue tangles him up, it does not hold him fast. [Touch attack; brute makes reflex save]

Lorth and Corran continue their shallow breathing, oblivious to what is going on. [AP stabilizes Corran] Mathew, meanwhile, slams the new command into Fetch, and the stone's warm response is all he needs. Taking the potion, he feels around for the shifter. [UMD 21 succeds w/o AP]

The homunculi advanced, as ordered. With a metallic growl, Doggie latches onto the leader's leg. The wound is savage, but, followed by an electrical jolt! The brute limps severely! [9hp physical/electrical damage; severely wounded] In a blur, the shadowy Fetch bursts from the fog. The furious brute cuts through most of its form as it does do [AoO hits; Fetch near destruction]. But the damage is not in vain, as the little shape latches onto the brute's jugular! Gargling in pain and anger, the brute falls heavily face first! [Attack hits; 8hp w/ sneak attack; brute dying]

The heavy blinks a moment, then without hesitation, bolts for the open door! Tarkanan will make sure you pay! he yells as he flees. [Withdraw]

End of Combat

Mathew and Genithar try desperately to catch their breath. They had succeeded, but it had been a dear victory. Now they must decide---chase the fleeing foe, and heal the helpless comrades?

[Intense. Such are dice. Last round, all the homunculi rolled below 10, now they all roll 19's. Actions?]
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