Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen AMA

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1. How much if any reference is there to the Heros of the Lance or Chronicles 'canon'.

2. Something I hadn't seen was a detailed breakdown on the character options. Half Elf?
I have not had the book long enough or read through it enough to fully search for references to the Heroes. Though they would be far South at the time of the Adventure and so have no role.

Half Elves are mentioned as being very rare due to how Isolationist Elves are.
Can you talk about the preliminary adventure where they introduce clerics? When does it take place, and what are the circumstances?
It's stated the Silence of the gods is starting to be broken. The Cleric character while traveling in the forest starts experiencing visions of the one who will be their god and their holy symbol. Along with the scenes of battle, and the symbol of the god giving them visions. Once they wake they find their belongings missing and after looking for a bit find them, with the Holy Symbol of the God now among them. When it's touched it sends out a pulse that reveals a temple in the forest and vanishes. The inside of the temple reveals broken statues of Krynn's deities. Soon after the statue of the god holding the matching holy symbol has a glow that forms into an image of what it used to look like, and the voice of the Deity comes from it to address the character. The god asks the character to take the Holy Symbol and serve as their herald in the world and carry their divine message when Krynn needs it most, though they won't elaborate on why they chose the character or are revealing themselves now. After sharing what the DM deems necessary about the gods, they gain their divine abilities and when they exit the temple it vanishes, and they find no trace of disturbance at their camp, if they had any companions none of them noticed the character leave or anything strange happening.
What are the spell selections for the Initiate of High Sorcery feat?
One Cantrip of any choice than

NuitariChoose two from dissonant whispers, false life, hex, and ray of sickness
LunitariChoose two from color spray, disguise self, feather fall, and longstrider
SolinariChoose two from comprehend languages, detect evil and good, protection from evil and good, and shield

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