Shadowdark looks so good!

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I am running Grizzled Adventurers again this weekend (third time in five weeks!) and I'm strongly considering using the Shadowdark quickstart rules on my side of the DM's screen. I like the use of a single d20 resolution system, rolling high, advantage/disadvantage, etc.

At a glance, it looks like using the Grizzled Adventurers character playbook and standard OSR monsters will work out fine, if less deadly than RAW Shadowdark. (I run pretty dangerous dungeons in general, so it's not necessary, IMO, to make them harder.) I'm especially looking forward to no darkvision and the real time torches rule.

I will report back after the game.
Wow! Nice to see someone else enjoying Flatland Games' stuff. I'm a big fan of Beyond the Wall and Through Sunken Lands!


Bruce Baugh, Writer of Fortune
Shadowdark turns out to be just about exactly what I wanted but had not articulated to myself yet: a modern core, simplified to the complexity level of older versions. That would do most the job, but the way wizards and priests use up spell slots, or don’t, turns out to pretty well fix my decades-long problems with Gygaxian magic, without the complexities of 4e. So I’ve signed up.

Just now getting to peruse this. Okay, this is good. Wizard spells being less reliable? Priests having to make penance? I’m in. Great power should have greater restrictions or chance to fail IMO.

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