Shadows of the Fourth Age (A story about Endor after The One Ring was destroyed

Mae Govannen! Welcome to an experiment...I am going to use the rules from Adventures in Middle-earth(c) to create a story. Weird thing is, I will be doing this solo! I will be as impartial to the die, and let things fall where they may...95% of the time!

Middle-earth is now recovering from the War of the Rings, and after a few years, there are opportunities for adventurers. There are a few things about the mechanics of the story you need to know.
1) Magic in my Middle-earth is mid-range. I will try to stay away from the flashiest spells. There will be no teleport, raising the dead, etc.
2) I am pulling ideas from all over the place, from the books I have, and change them to fit my narrative.
3) For players of Adventures in Middle-earth, after every action that needs a DC roll, I will put the adjusted result of that roll in brackets.