Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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I rather enjoyed it. Heck, it made Awkwardfina charming rather than utterly annoying, which is a major accomplishment. I was even okay with the obligatory CGI fest ending because you know it's coming in a Marvel movie and this was at least a bit different.

wicked cool

not really, he wanted to get rid of him so threw him in the lake - perhaps he knew that he'd survive, but thought it would give him enough time to open the gate and by bringing his wife home prove he was right
he was most likely going to die but had a dragon intervene

I liked it. But put me in the camp of not really liking the final fight being between two big monsters. The battle between Shang Chi and Wenwu was the one that the movie set up, the one with the audience investment. Swapping it for the kaiju battle was, I feel, a mistake. And I love kaiju battles in general.

But that's the only gripe I had with it. I enjoyed the fight scenes. The plot was a classic. The cast very likeable.

Oh and I loved Trevor Slattery being in it (also Morris the two bummed wombat.) That begs the question that, if the Youtube clip about Trevor being taken by the Ten Rings is now canon, are other Youtube clips now canon? Will Thor's flatmate Darryl appear in Love and Thunder? I hope so.

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