Share your 2020 D&D release predictions

Urriak Uruk

Debate fuels my Fire
Exandria is official a D&D world since being mentioned in BG: DiA and the WotC D&D survey included Exandria as a D&D setting.

But anyways it just occurred to me we may both be right. Would you concider Tales of the Yawning Portal an Adventure Anthology?

I ask because TotYP included Against the giants update, which is about the size of Desert of Desolation, both made up 3 previous modules. So instead of being more like Saltmarsh, maybe this book will be more like TotYP, mixed in with other unrelated adventures. This could be TotYP 2, although perhaps not called that.
It’s official, but the IP actually belongs to Critical Role, not Wizards. So to make a product there, they need to get permissions which likely means profit sharing.

So the anthology I’m almost certain is going to be all original material, as I can’t see Marisha Ray, Deborah Ann Woll writing updates on classic modules.

Which leads me to think DoD is not happening next year, as I can’t see an original anthology, a new big original adventure, and a DoD redo all in the same year.