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Spoilers Shogun 2024

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Has anyone read the sequel, Gai-Jin?
Yes, ages ago. It's not really a direct sequel, and being set in the 1860s it's hugely removed from the 16th century Shogun novel. Even using the series chronology it's two books from Shogun, with Tai-Pan sitting between them in the 1840s. Tai-Pan and Gai-Jin have the most direct continuity (and smallest time skip) between books in the overall series, although Gai-Jin arguably does the most to connect Shogun's plot to the rest fictional Struan trading house history that (I'm told) weaves through the rest of the books. I never did get around to King Rat or Whirlwind, and didn't enjoy any of the series as much as Shogun, which can safely be read as its own stand-alone without really missing anything IMO.

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