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seems lately that there has been alot of unnecessarily rude and obnoxious people lately on isrp..people who complain about how other players operate thier characters..obnoxious people who complain about people not checking whats going on in a room before they post..i mean seriously...who cares, if u r kissing so what!..if u r that embarrassed about it, dont do it on isrp...and the way that other people make thier characters act or the powers they have or potions they use..shut up!..its a free form play site that is loosely..i repeat loosely!! again..loosely based on D&D..other character types are allowed so if u dont like it get the hell off the site and go somewhere else because the rest of us dont like your rudeness...and if u dont like other people using thier characters in a different storyline other than yours, well to freakin bad..get over goes if u cant be civil, courteous or respect others who really want to rp on the site...go somewhere else so we dont have to deal with your stupidity

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For Cameroth: I'm sorry that you're sick. I hope you feel better soon. For tired, extra sleep might help reduce your irritation. Please don't rant on the boards. You're making good points, but try to keep them civil so that you aren't accused of the same things you're saying about others.

For Everyone: Much of what Cameroth says is true. This is not D&D, nor any one role-playing system. You are allowed to play whatever sort of characters you like as long as they don't break the particular setting rules or the general site rules, including no room disruption by too-powerful chars. You are also free to ignore other characters' actions. Yes, this is rude, but it is allowed. We would rather encourage you to find a way of working other chars into your RP. Consider it a challenge to your imagination.

These rooms are open for anyone to play in at any time:
The Great Bazaar (no character restrictions other than general ISRP site restrictions)
The Cage (same setting as Bazaar; this is the only general role-playing room that also allows combat inside)
The CrossRoads Tavern (Greyhawk based but still not D&D; the most char restrictive setting)
The Garden (adjacent to the Tavern)
The Rotunda (Faerun based but still not D&D)
The Meeting Place (D20 Modern but not strictly D20, New York in near future)

These are the combat-only rooms. You should be there only to fight or to watch others fight. If a fight is already going on, please do not enter the combat without private approval from those fighting. :
The Fighting Pit (for the Rotunda)
The Clearing (for the Tavern; outside the town)
Alleyway (for The Meeting Place)

These rooms are for whatever setting need you want to make up (except cybering: no cybering! and nothing else that breaks the general site rules) and are the closest we have to private rooms. If people are already in the room, please ask before entering. If you go in to lurk (i.e., without your char taking any action at all) without that permission, it will be considered rude but not against site rules unless you use the information in a disruptive or harassing manner. :
Carpe DM
Ahoy! Adventure!

This room is the only one that allows open, out-of-character discussion:
The Nexus

The Lounge is not for open discussion. It is strictly an entrance way, or for quietly waiting till you're ready to enter a room.
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You should always listen to other peoples oppinions.
You should not always take to heart what they say.
If you think they are wrong, you should express your own oppinions.
Have evidence for everything you say.
Dont worry if people's oppinions are different to yours.
Dont worry if your oppinions are different to theirs.
Sometimes the solution is to agree to disagree.
Sometimes the solution is ignorance, via a convenient little button.
Sometimes your oppinions should change.
Sometimes their oppinions should change.
That is to say, sometimes you are right,
And sometimes they are right.
Change is difficult, most people do not bother with it.

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