D&D 5E Sigil and the Outlands has Planar Rules

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Dragon Lover
I pretty sure that the Outlands is pertaining to The Concordant Domain of the Outlands, or the Concordant Opposition as it is also known by. It's the true neutral plane that acts as the center of the Outer Planes and is home to bother the Gate Towns that lead to the other Outer Planes and Sigil at it's center.


What is “this?” Is there supposed to be an image attached? What did you notice?
I think they're just referring to this image we already have seen... and then drawing conclusions about what the little blurb on the bottom means...



Both Sigil and the Outlands are Planar. However, I think that the book will have some coverage of the Outer Planes, even if the major focus will be Gazater material for Sigil & the Outlands. The DMG gives some material for all of them already, but a little more seems emmeniently possible in 96 pages.

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