D&D 5E Sigil and the Outlands has Planar Rules

I can’t remember was the Well of Many Worlds treated as a planar pathway or a magic item?
Not ringing a bell... The Well of Worlds book from 2e was a collection of small adventures, but they didn't really have the same kind of connective tissue or throughline as Tales from the Infinite Staircase or Doors to the Unknown.

Though it's admittedly been a while since I've gone through it...

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Whizbang Dustyboots

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The well was originally a 1E magic item that looked superficially like a portable hole, but which was actually a hole opening to random planes each time it was opened.

It was a way to screw the players that enabled player travel through the planes as a side effect of saying "whoops, your pile of diamonds is now in an archdevil's linen closet, lol!"

Both Sigil and the Outlands are Planar. However, I think that the book will have some coverage of the Outer Planes, even if the major focus will be Gazater material for Sigil & the Outlands. The DMG gives some material for all of them already, but a little more seems emmeniently possible in 96 pages.
The included adventure book is likely to visit one or more other planes, and will therefore include descriptions of locations on those planes.

If you are familiar with Planescape: Torment, it mostly takes place on Sigil, but includes short visits to the Outlands, Carceri, Mechanus and the Astral Plane (if my memory serves). I suspect the acclaimed CRPG will be the model for the adventure included in the box.

The Sigil and the Outlands book will be exactly what it says on the cover, and nothing more.


It will need to have rules for traveling between Sigil, the Outlands, and other planes. I.e. doors, keys, gatetowns. That fits the description of "planar rules". It won't have rules for how any other planes operate, because they are already covered in the DMG.
Depending on if the rules are still going to be in the 2024 DMG, they may reprint the current DMG's planar info in this set. But that's just a wild guess on my part.

It's honestly a wildly overpowered magic item. It really ought to be close to the lowest choice for DMs to put in the game, vis-a-vis plane traveling items.
It's a plot McGuffin, since it can only take the party where the DM wants them to go. And if they are tempted to use it willy-nilly, most planes are a hostile environment to non-native life forms. More than likely they are going to end up somewhere bad.

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