Sigil Setting: Combat Tavern?


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Adrie said:
should we really be promoting drug use guys? we need to remember there are minors on the site. sorry but I know I would never let my kids chat on a site where that is mentioned

but I do love the idea of the new form for it, it reminds me much of the old CRT back from the days of TSR :)
Agreed. The narcotics are a no-go, guys, since the CoC forbids any suggestion of that sort of drug use.

However, the rest sounds great so far and I'm glad you approve. :) Please keep up the suggestions of what should be on the golem's menu, too!

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Magi_Trelian said:
Agreed. The narcotics are a no-go, guys, since the CoC forbids any suggestion of that sort of drug use.
Easy enough to convey the same atmosphere though by changing or ommiting the appropriate words (smoke can be from any number of legal substances just as easily) - and that's where the greatness in that description idea lies, the atmosphere.

It would dramatically set it apart from the 'Roads by putting that grit into the basic visual of the room. I've got some ideas for concept sketches filtering into my head as it is...


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Magi_Gabriel said:
I am watching you mister, watching.

He's my hero, that guy is... hopefully awaiting zombie messageboards!


*temporarily geeks out with her Libris Mortis*

heeheheheeheheheheheee... zombies.... :lol:


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And of course it needs a name...

I've got a few naming ideas, mostly ironic:

Serenity (also a great movie)

The Chaste Succubus (Right, like sex isn't a theme in CRT!)

Thunderdome (Two man enter, one man leave)

Swearword and Ethanol (Stolen from the Scary Devil Monastary)

The Drunken Modron (A Quadron tumbling like dice on a craps table)

The Quartered Halfling (Four nightmares pulling apart a hobbit on the sign...)

Layer 667 (The 19th hole of the Abyss golf course?)

Oh, well.


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I think I'd like to keep the room name as the Hive, but that doesn't mean we can't give the tavern its own name in the inside setting description.

Some other ideas floating around:

The walls and ceilings and floors should be indestructible ((so we don't have to rebuild it every few days :))). Rumors say there were certain favours done to very dark powers to provide this. However, the doors, windows, and interior furnishings are not indestructible and not self-repairing. ((I foresee a lot of firewood.))

There's a large un-glassed window looking out over a courtyard used for death-duels. ((So if people want more of an arena setting, it's there.)) The window has folding shutters for nighttime and Sigil's rare rainstorms, though the shutters have missing slats and twisted/broken catches and hinges from the number of times someone's been tossed through them.

The floor could be metal grating with a sluggish stream of water moving beneath it. ((Handy for cleanup, just sluice the floor down and the blood goes below.))

Let me know what you think of these, and keep the ideas coming! I can't promise to use them all but we'll put together something good.

On the more official side, it's gotta be very clear that the CoC still applies, including a generally PG-13 rating. No lush, lingering descriptions of gore and guts. No cybering. No illegal drug activity. You guys are imaginative enough to handle these limitations, right? ;-) Because if not, we lose this and it goes back to a plain combat room.

The Magi will be monitoring once this is up, including reading the logs, and remember that PMs count as site activity and are still subject to the CoC. Cybering in PMs is still against the code, saying something is actually a illegal drug in a PM is still unacceptable. The first few weeks will be a probation period for the whole proposal.


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New suggestion:

The golem is a peg-legged, hook-handed, one-eyed (is that going too far?) warforged, trying to scrape together enough money to pay for his repairs.

Yes, I know that in canonical D&D the Eberron planes are inaccessible to Sigil and the rest of the Planescape planes. That doesn't apply to the ISRP setting. The ISRP Sigil rooms (Bazaar and Hive) are open to anyone from anywhere, and this might help keep the distinction in mind.
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I think a warforged would be too outside of the Sigil mood. Being Eberron specific, it links too greatly to a closed off and very distinct setting whose mood doesn't really fit the flow of Sigil. While in theory it could work, making an iconic part of a Sigil room have that kind of tie might give the wrong impression.

If anything, I think it should be a rogue modron if the construct theme is where this room is going, or some form of undead (the kind that won't drop bits of itself in the beer) if the darker direction is where the room belongs.

The grated floor idea is solid gold, I think. Adding a few trap doors in choice locations would also provide some mood effects, since just dumping bodies rather than leaving them somewhere that others can find them is more in-theme with the underground-type of locale.

Rafters could also be a nice touch, since the non-existant ones in the CRT always used to get so much use. ;)


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I like the ideas, but I will disagree with the rogue modron. If this is to be a combat oriented room then I agree with a warforge or some other time of heavy and armored divice, It could even be as simple as a Clockwork Warrior, just to handle the crowds that will come, just as Beegee throws people into the river, this Bot might be the one to cool down the ever growing intensity of out of control or CoC breaking fray, otherwise, the grating idea is neat. I guess Silent Hill comes to mind in that :)


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Rafter yes rafters! *giggles maddly remebering old days* Oh yes the joys of sitting in the rafters and tossing beer nuts at peolpe as they tick you off or pass undernieth.....


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