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Hey folks,

With all that talk about subclasses at 1st level and pushing classes on a long rest chassis, I worked on a Basic take on everyone's favorite class; the Fighter!

- Most features from both class AND subclass are moved to 1st level. Higher level brings more uses but few new features, so the fantasy represented by the class comes before the end game.

- The archetypes have been modified and now includes the Champion, Battlemaster (warlord), Duelist (with maneuvers) and EK.

- New features added to the class are already present in the game OR were presented in either the playtest or UA.

- Weapon and armor proficiencies are moved to a STR requirement, ala Shadow of the Demon Lord.

- As of now: I have not removed the notion of Proficiency Bonus like I mentioned in a previous thread, but it might be done later, I'll see.

So, what do you think. Is it usable?

(Little precision: we are talking about gameplay at my table, not a redesign for future editions or whatnot)


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I think frontloading features works fine if that is the style you want to play. Most of the later features of classes aren't so powerful that you couldn't include them at level 1, even if you had to make them limited use instead of at-will in some cases.

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