D&D (2024) Since we are heading towards that all feats now are "half-feats", why not make leveling more streamlined?


in current playtests all feats, except "1st level" feats are half-feats, that is they come with +1 ASI attached.

rework 1st level feat that they fall more or less in half-feat power curve and then we could have FEAT advancement at 1st level and every even level after that.
you get current half feat without the ASI, but you can always take ASI "feat" that will give +1 to an ability(max 20 ofc)

like this table:

5.5e level progression.jpg

this way it can be easy on multiclassing as ASIs are not linked to class levels but character levels.

since feats have been now "halved" fighters 2 bonus ASIs can now be splitted into 4 instances, maybe at levels 3,7,11,15 or similar. same as rogues extra ASI.
Also, since feats are now weaker, maybe more classes could get an extra feat(or two) somewhere to fill some dead levels if needed.

optional addition:
3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th level come with bonus proficiencies:
this would give one extra skill proficiency or combination of 3 languages, tools or weapons.
I don't think that character should spend feats to learn few extra skills over several levels, ofc any character that wants to learn more and sooner can always take Skilled feat.

11th, 13th 15th and 17th levels come with bonus expertise.
all characters of 11th level and above should bee experts in few fields without any extra class or feat investment.
as before characters that want more of this or sooner can invest in Skill expert feat, Prodigy feat or similar feats.

for tables that do not want to play with feats, every feat can be taken as +1 ASI as mentioned.(maybe even the 1st level one, I do not think it will break anything).
with total of +11 ASIs, +2/+1 "racial" ASIs and default array of 15,14,13,12,10,8 at 19th level characters could look at:

17: +3 ASI, 15: +5 ASI, 13: +3 ASI, 12, 10, 8

for final of:
pretty good for a non-feat character.

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I'm all for setting the feats etc. outside of class progression, separating the feats and stat boosts, and giving classes small abilities as filler - except casters, which are probably fine already. I don't really see a need to meddle with the system outside of that.

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