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Level Up (A5E) Sins of the Scorpion Age Discord Server


Shaper of Worlds


Over the past several months I've worked on Sins of the Scorpion Age on these very forums, which has been a blast. But as we get closer to Level Up's launch date, I'm moving more information to a new Official Discord server. In addition to answering questions and providing insight into the SotSA setting, I'll also be DMing a campaign on the server itself starting sometime in mid to late November, based on player availability.

Whether you're a Narrator, a Player, a Fan, or just curious, please consider joining the server and spreading the word about it. The more people who see it, who enjoy it, the greater chance of more games getting put together and the world expanding with your beautiful stories.

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I want to endorse the post above.
The Scorpion Age is truly awesome, and I’d recommend everybody to engage with this fantastic setting.
Go for it!

Level Up!

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