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A friend asked me about what I really like about Savage Worlds and I gave lots of gamecentric answers (Bennies, classless, etc.) but I finished it all up with "and the books are smaller."

He went, "Oh, it's a slim book?"

And I had to explain that it's smaller in dimension than, say, a D&D book which makes it easier to transport, to hold while reading and takes up less room at the table. Plus it fits my Kindle Fire 10 just about perfect with no need to zoom or scan.

I like it so much that when I look at buying a new physical book, I immediately look at the dimensions of the book...

Anyone else?

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I don't care for books that are larger than a typical D&D size book and ones in a landscape format feel odd to me.
I liked the old edition of Savage Worlds (the Explorer's Edition) because it was cheap and felt like a pulp version of an RPG - which really conveyed the feel of the system. Even though I own it, the current SWADE hardcover at $40 is a bit steep, especially considering you probably will be buying a big setting boxed set too (Rifts, Deadlands, etc.)


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A couple systems out there have standard size and smaller, cheaper “digest” size rulebooks covering the same material. Often, the smaller books are softcover and tend towards B&W art as opposed to color.

Some also have released books that are stripped down to the bare essentials to run the game. Fewer examples. Worldbuilding or campaign setting sections pretty much nonexistent.

For games I truly enjoy, I often buy extra copies of key rulebooks. When those digest or bare bones printings are available, that’s what I’ll buy,

But a RPG’s core rulebooks mere “portability” or slimness isn’t going to get my attention.

Li Shenron

I typically do not use books at the table during play, so for me if bigger books means more information for the same price then it's better. But yes if it's too large to even read in bed then better to split it into smaller volumes.


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I don't mind D&D hardcover book size - my player gaming bag is a backpack which can fit them, my DM add-on is a plastic travel case with hanging folders that also can deal with them.

That said, I prefer softcover digest size. Just easier to hold and read, easier to transport when I am learning the system and don't have my player backpack with me, just works slightly better. Though part of it is the full color glossy art for me is a nice-once, and doesn't bring me ongoing utility so I don't miss it. And the cheaper price plus smaller form-factor means I can get more books for the system and still carry them all.

aramis erak

My preference is A5 or Digest (whichever),, hardcover.
Failing that, saddlestitched (stapled or actually stitched)

And I want reasomably large and medium weight fonts.

These choices are for usability at table, portability (I haven't run a game in home in almost 8 years now), and


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Ideally, the more books in the system, the more I want them as PDFs on my iPad. Paizo was quite forthcoming with that convenience and I thank them for it, particularly since the PF Core Rulebook was such a hefty beast.

But if it's just an issue of toting a single book or two, as long as it's not coffee table sized, I don't usually have a problem with it.

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