It has come to my attention that slavers have begun to move into Ford Keep.

This is not to be tolerated.

Effective immediately, any individual whom willfully participates in the trade and or possession of slaves of any sort, forfeit any freedoms they may have while in the Jurisdiction of Gellun, Lord of Ford Keep, including the right to trial.

Effective immediately, punishments for the above actions are to be carried out immediately and harshly as the lawgiver shall see fit.

Effective immediately, Any information in regards to the slavers if it leads to the apprehension or removal of said individuals is subject to monetary reward by the settlement of Ford Keep and the Church of St. Cuthbert.

Effective immediately, Anyone who shall apprehend, subdue, or otherwise remove said slavers from Ford keep shall receive monetary reward by the settlement of Ford Keep and the Church of St. Cuthbert.

The following individuals are known to be slavers: Jaax, Faerlyn


Simon Thorne of the Cudgel
Inquisitor General of Ford Keep.

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Reads the post and adds her own underneath it with ruby ink upon black parchment.

Sir Simon,
I will aid in any way possible. And do allow me to congratulate you upon spotting such activity in the peaceful lands we walk upon.And looking to right it.
I shall keep an open eye out for the said individuals. And I must inquire, if they accidentally have death befall them will their corpses do?

Ethera de Lioncourt





*a figure forms from a cloud of grey smoke, near the corkboard, entirely showded in darkness within a hooded cloak, she grins darkly to herself, silver orbs glowing softly within the shadows. A small parchment appears near the previous ones, written in a strange green ink of sorts. It reads as follows, in common.*

"Touching be the effort you but put forth my dear Marshal. I rather enjoy your vain attempts, but i must say, you have spirit...interesting."

*The small peice of parchment is not signed*

*the hooded figure disappears in a cloud of grey smoke, chuckling lightly to herself*




Examines the note, snorting in utter disgust. He leaves a note in return.

To whom it may concern:

Consider this wolf and my friend Blue as well to be on the lookout. Slavery is a disgusting thing and should be handled accordingly. Should I sight either of the slavers mentioned, I will proceed with the spirit of vengence itself.

Sincerely, a concerned patron,

Wolfram VonKraushen and



Agudo Archmage

“Now Lady Hoot, I am almost done shopping, all I have to do is find is a leprechauns four-leaf clover and were done.”

Just then as they are walking through the merchants sections of town. A squire is hammering a parchments on a wall, and proclaiming that all good citizens should help hunt down slavers

But really surprised the Archmage of Light was seeing an old friend,

(Ethera de Lioncourt) walking towards a near by inn.

“Why I haven’t seen her in years, I am glad that she is still alive and well. We must send her flowers to her room that she is staying at.”

Lady Hoot mentions the slavers that whole town was now talking about.

“Yes! Yes, my wise friend, I shall always be the first to bring a slaver to justice, when given the chance. Do think Ethera likes white roses?”

The two talk as they make there way to the flowershop.



Slaver's Update

The above notice is to be updated as Follows

Faeryln is dead

Jaax is wanted for questioning, reward still applies

Re'shak Delanier is also a slaver, any help in apprehending him will be rewarded as stated above.


Simon Thorne of the Cudgel
Inquisitor General of Ford Keep.


shadow of death

A note appears

My Dear Inquisitor:

I must protest. I am no slaver. Yes I have the ability to control certain people, but that does not qualify myself as one who owns slaves. Can I help that certain people have willingly given themselves to me? No, I cannot. Can I help that some people hear things and automatically assume one thing, without knowing the facts? No. Such is the way of things.

Once again, I restate the fact that I am no slaver. The one who appeared as such is free to do what she pleases whenever she pleases. That is not indicitive of a slave.

Re'shak Delanier

Andion Isurand

First Post
( a magically scribed note, in utterly perfect and plain common script without any unique features )

Inquisitor General Simon,

I would also like to inform you of two other individuals I have come to know as being slavers.

Kethreld Xel'karn and Kyzaril Enzkelzyth

More than once, I have heard words concerning both this drow and this mind flayer participating in the slave trade.

Keep safe in your efforts Simon. However, I must leave this note unsigned as to not reveal myself as opposing the many slavers in our midst.

~ Anonymous



Unto Jabbuk Simon Thorne of the Cudgel Inquisitor General of Ford Keep,

Whatever others thought they saw is over or never was. They should not have interfered. I am no slave and the one called Re'shak Delanier has no control on me, though his games may have made it seem so for a time. I will speak to you on this myself, when you are seen, since you may otherwise think this is some trick.

- Chelyrra Eredyn, by her own hand



*A robed figure skimming the boards stops upon a word that catchs her eyes, Jaaxx ((Sorry Simon, had to correct your spelling. . .)), she posts up a ready made reply, with a quick mutterance about needing to clean house and something else about digging for parchments.*

I can assure you, sir, the Ilharess will deal with Jaaxx upon her own accord, there is no need for a bounty upon his head. Let us deal with our little quirks, and all will be far better upon your little surface dwellings.


*THe figure goes back to skimming.*



Re'shak Delanier is to be removed from this list

Lord Inquisitor Simon Thorne, Billet of St. Cuthbert and Magistrate of Ford Keep




*a robed figure steps up and sticks up a premade post.*

Lord Inquisitor Simon Thorne,

It is my odd duty to inform you, that Jaaxx, the drow you have placed a bounty upon as a slaver, has suffered greivious wounds in a fight. He will not survive the night, therefore his bounty should be nullified.

I can not say what will occur to any that he has control of, likely they will either be released or transfered to his nearest relative or some such, I do not know how he set the spells to work.

I am quite sorry to have ruined your bounty sir.


*with that the robed one walks off.*

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