Level Up (A5E) Sleight of Hand in combat


I see a few Manoeuvres that rogues can take let you make sleight of hand checks as bonus actions.

When would you use sleight of hand checks in combat (apart from bomb in pants scenario)?

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I've allowed it for unclasping armor, stealing potions, tricking enemy magic users into thinking a different spell was being cast by faking the Seen component, fouling up an enemy quiver, attaching things to enemies (bomb in pants sure, but also tracking beacons and such), and switching handedness if needed


I'm careful on how much I let happen, ever since the Acme Company picnic incident back in 3e days. I see A5e/5e is different and it states that rogues can do things specific but there should still be some line. There is not a lot of targeting attacks on a helmet or breaking a weapon. There might be a specific monster with a weakness that the rogue can target as part of a story, otherwise things are part of the monster/character and cannot be targeted.

I use my bonus action to....
tie his shoes together
pour oil on him
Light him on fire
take his weapons
inject him with poison

The cool idea at some point becomes a tool for dealing more damage that one should.

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