D&D 5E Snow-Sweeping/Clearing Cantrip


A 1st level druid for RotFM starting in a snow-sweeping job, keeping the paths clear either between ten-towns or within one of them.

Which one of the elemental cantrips seems the most appropriate to accomplish this to you?

Mold Earth (would snow count)

Shape Water?

Control Flames (+ fire source)


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Prince of Dorkness
You could use Mage Hand, but it would probably take a long time. I was looking for a way to use Druidcraft, but the only conceivable way would be the first bullet point to predict the weather in conjunction with Teleport to go somewhere warmer.

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I always call for a check for any non-standard use of magic. Especially used to shortcut something you could just do manually. If it's not a spell or power, but still magic, it's a skill check, with a DC commensurate to the goal. Ditto for a spell where you're trying to a related but not RAW outcome.

And yes, failure can be interesting.

For ex, snow-sweeping. Success uses your magic or a variation of shape water to neatly push aside snow, with you COULD have just done with a shovel. Failure perhaps creates a small snow devil and scatted snow on passersby, much to you chagrin and their annoyance.

Or you can just use a shovel.

I use lower DCs and decent skills will usually just beat the check with a bonus if you keep it simple.

I would never try anything creative or use magic in your game.

That is just overly punitive for something so simple.


I think Prestidigitation is the best option here, and I would just house rule it so a Druid can take it as one of her Cantrips.
Out of curiosity, using which benefit?:
  • You instantaneously clean or soil an object no larger than 1 cubic foot.
  • You chill, warm, or flavor up to 1 cubic foot of nonliving material for 1 hour.
I am guessing the warming benefit?

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