D&D General The Elemental cantrips mimicking powerful spells

greg kaye

Except that your answer does a great deal more than that.

Because of how you worded your answer, which is NOT how the spell is written, you cannot make ANY shape with the spell and then freeze it. You cannot, for example, shape the water into letters and then freeze those letters to leave a temporary message. Your interpretation forbids ice knives (as @AmandaBarbarian describes) unless the player already has knife molds to hold the ice in a knife shape. It forbids bowls unless the player makes bowl molds or actually carves the ice herself. Etc., etc. In your effort to forbid a single feature unlikely to be particularly useful in most cases, you have neutered the spell.

Which, as I said, is pretty typical of the DM "rulings" I see regarding tools (especially mundane tools, but magical ones too) that actually do have creative potential. Fear of exploitation drives shutting down almost all avenues of creativity, and then the DMs in question scratch their heads and wonder why players (who are usually quite smart and can quickly figure out the message these "rulings" send) avoid creative solutions and stick with dull standard operating procedures and boring (but reliable) solutions to their problems.
My question with self reflected response was:


I did not comment on the second, third, and fourth ways in which shape water can be used.

I wouldn't say it supports flying/levitating ice knives, but ice knives? I don't see a problem.

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