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D&D 5E So good to be back


Played two face-to-face games for the first time in ages. Felt great to be back to real gaming. I’ve played since 1976 and have never gone so long without a game (even at peak rugby playing years when sport dominated) and it was so much fun.
We are lucky to have The Sword (a regular on these forums) as one of our DMs, and it really is a treat. He picked up where we left off on the Odyssey of the Dragonlords campaign, featuring dramatic role play and a gripping encounter with an evil dryad.
Then it was my turn to DM and I satisfied my grognard itch by running the superb Ghosts of Saltmarsh, with fun, despair and horror in the haunted house on the cliffs.
That’s the post. Nothing deep and meaningful: just pure D&D fun.
I love this hobby.

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Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
Yeah, we had our 4th in person game yesterday, we had a lot of fun. As we were breaking up, I mentioned that one of the reasons I play D&D is that I simply get more real laughs per hour of in-person play than just about any other activity.

My online games were fun, but if I never have to play online again I could still die a happy man. :)
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It was a good day. There’s no substitute for 8 or 9 hours of D&D!

Online works in some respects but I think face to face engages your brain in a different way.

GuyBoy is the other DM in our group and gives me chance to play. Best storytelling I’ve ever seen!


My first face to face session since the pandemic started is this weekend. I'm so excited to see everyone in person again, I just can't wait. We played virtually the entire time, which worked well enough. Though there's nothing quite like the energy of being actually at the table. We're doing some grilling and gaming. It will be a blast.

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