So, what published 3e adventures are you always going to remember?

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Sunless Citadel...oh what fun the "dragonpriest" was.

Didnt run it but I liked Forge of Fury as well. After that, I thought the quality of WOTC modules dropped dramatically.

Not a psionics guy, but Of Sound Mind was fantastic. Never did get to run it unfortunately

Crucible of Freya, Abysthor, Rappan Athuk 1 , HOTRM from Necro.

First module of the Coin Trilogy from Kalamar (Root of All Evil)

Of all of them, I think COF was the most fun. By then I knew the rules a bit better, and the players did too. Plus COF scared them..none of that "you will find only balanced encounters" garbage, they managed to bumble around til they found the troll outside of town..bwhahaha. It just reminded me more of days gone by. Very easy to get your PCs killed if you played poorly.


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Great question.

I loved Of Sound Mind, by Piratecat. It was a different adventure than my group typically plays and my character was the one who figured out the mystery of Bellhold.

The DCC modules that I have played in were all pretty good. We had a lot of fun with those. The Dragonfiend Pact sticks out because the "dragon" in that module wound up becoming a vital part of that campaign.

The most memorable, however, will probably be Shackled City. Shackled City, what I saw of it anyway, was pretty cool, but it ended the campaign last night with a TPK. Star Wars Saga here we come!



Eyes of the Lich Queen
Chimes at Midnight (From Dungeon) and it's sequels.

Of course, those are the only two pre-done 3E adventures I've ever run, so I may be biased :) Very seldom so we use pre-done modules.


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For a surprise entry, let me put in the following:
"Heart of Amun Khonshu", an Adventure Keep mini-adventure by Alderac

I also enjoyed "Against the Barrow King", also by Alderac, but with a few modifications.


Mean DM

My favorite by far was Dark Awakenings: Guardian from Auran. The plot was solid and the use of 3d graphics was way ahead of its time.

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Red Hand of Doom stands out for me as the highlight of the WOTC adventures.

I also quite like Forge of Fury and Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk.


Atlas Games' Three Days to Kill--just a ton of fun with this no-nonsense plot.

And since the thread is about modules you'll always remember, I also have to include Vengeance in Freeport because, well, it was my chance to contribute to the legacy of Freeport! :)


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I want to add Ed Cha's Whitehorn Modules. Two of my players started talking about it last night.

We really loved the stew recipes that resulted from those modules. I loved using them as the campaign "base setting". Plus it made the two players I was talking to like playing Halflings.

Teflon Billy

Nemoren's Vault

Tomb of Abysthor

Aerie of the Crow God

and, so far, Expedition to the Demonweb Pits.

Only World's Largest Dungeon do I recall as sucking beyond belief.


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1. The Sunless Citadel - I've used it as a straight dungeon crawl, run my PC alongside inexperience players, and used its maps for homebrew games.

2. Forge of Fury - I played in this dungeon but the Dungeon Master (Jason Carl of Sword & Fist fame) modified it heavily with extra "atmosphere" to integrate the place into his campaign.

3. Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil - We never got past the "ring around the mountain".


Great thread! I might come back and add one or two others but here goes:

Sunless Citadel -- the setting, Meepo, the twig blights and the Gulthias tree.

Freeport Trilogy -- I ran this twice and it was great both times, but I remember it most for the fight in the stairwell in the lighthouse with the flying serpentman sorceror, and for the amount of times Parador the cleric fell out of rowboats into the water in heavy armour. Oh, and Mad Dog's Caves which featured the much maligned tojanida!

Banewarrens -- still running this but there are so many cool encounters (love the Grailquest teams) and it combines city and dungeon adventuring very effectively. Even better now I have Ptolus.

Red Hand of Doom -- still running this too but I would agree with many of JeffDM's comments. Both dragon fights so far have been just how dragon fights should be, plus destroying Skull Gorge Bridge, and arguing with the leaders of Drellin's Ferry and the other villages about evacuating.




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I may need to come back later and tally things up, but there's lots of good vibes for The Sunless Citadel and the Paizo AP's :D

El Bob

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Put me down for

1) The Banewarrens

2) Crown of the Kobold King

3) The Whispering Cairn (Part 1 of AoW): I've never ran the whole AP, but I've used this first adventure numerous times. I love it.


My favorite 3.x adventures, in no particular order:

  • Maure Castle by Rob Kuntz (Paizo)
  • River of Blood/As He Lay Dying by Erik Mona (RPGA)
  • Crucible of Freya by Clark Petersen and Bill Webb (NG)
  • Demons & Devils by Clark Petersen and Bill Webb (NG)
  • Tomb of Abysthor by Clark Petersen and Bill Webb (NG)
  • Age of Worms by Paizo
  • Dark Chateau and Dark Druids by Rob Kuntz (TLG)
  • Three Days to Kill by John Tynes (Atlas)
  • The Vampires of Waterdeep by ? (Paizo)

I'm sure there are a few more, but those are the ones that pop to the top of my head.


Sunless Citadel - which I got to play in, though Meepo was a minor annoyance

Forge of Fury -- absolutely one of my favorite 3E adventures; a generally well-designed and challenging adventure, though I still made some improvements to it of my own (the great cavern was an ideal place for a Myconid ring where the players could interact with and sample the strange brews of the mushroom people, providing an RP break between combats).

Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil -- if for nothing else than the reimagined moathouse and the opening encounter

Banewarrens -- even though I had to turn it upside down to fit it into the Forgotten Realms

Three I'd love to DM/play in but haven't had the chance: Lost City of Barakus, the Grey Citadel, and Red Hand of Doom.

The Paizo Adventure Paths: for being what Adventure Paths really should have been

City of the Spider Queen -- as a good backdrop for a long anti-drow adventure ... but best when married with the 1E module D1-2!

Lost City of Barakus. Incredible. I ran it for a full year (including summer), and it had so many memorable moments - assaulting the wizard's tower, cutting a cursed ring of teleportation off an unconscious ally's hand so the party could escape the drow, starting a tavern in Endhome, right on up to the final TPK facing the lich at the bottom of the dungeon. It was a wonderful sandbox/playground that let the PCs just be themselves.

Red Hand of Doom. Not as much fun as LCoB, and hurt by a mediocre DM and a TPK during one of the dragon fights. Still, pretty good.

Gorgoldand's Gauntlet. Loved it - it was a perfect first-level adventure.

Evil Unearthed. The first 3.0 adventure (from Dungeon Magazine) we played after the new rules came out. It was a sweet investigation/mystery adventure that had good opportunities for roleplaying. I'm sorta sorry this one didn't become as popular as Gorgoldand's Gauntlet.

We just started playing Shackled City, as sort of the capstone of the "3E" era. It's been a lot of fun so far (but we're still in Jzadirune) - we'll see if it makes the "top adventures" list when we're done.


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The Age of Worms: Still running this epic saga. I'm loving it, the players are loving it, its just good, brutal, undead-smashing fun as the players race to prevent Armageddon. Long shall Hall of Harsh Reflections be remembered, my players still all quake when the rogue says "I'll make a spirited attempt".

Steel Shadows: I've run and played in a lot of Eberron adventures, and this is still one of my favourites. My players were horrified when the identity of the killer was at last revealed, and were on the verge of flipping the table when their bosses at House Cannith screwed them to the wall. Plus, Dandy was such a fun character.

Chimes at Midnight/Quoth The Raven: Hell hath no fury like a narccisist scorned. The first one was a gloriously over the top pulpy revenge romp. The second was a freaky, twisted and downright nasty thriller. I'm salivating for the finale, and my players are champing at the bit to do horrible things to Victor (IN)Sain(E)t Germain.

The Sins of Ages Past: A series of Living Greyhawk adventures, that take us in to the truths about the Flight of Fiends, and how it was betrayed. A small boy, a VERY pissed of Devil Prince, the Crook of Rao and a curse that's become legend amongst LG players all add up to one damned fine saga.
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