D&D 5E So you are a drow prisoner and found a spider....


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Many of us have recently been captured by drow. It sucks, I know. The one saving grace is that while forced to do slave labor, you found a big hairy spider. It's pretty tame, but doesn't do much. Or does it?

It can save your life! All you need to do is train it to write in its web "SOME GNOME" or similar. Surely it's a sign from Lolth that you should be spared. If that doesn't convince them, then the spider should write "TERRIFIC" and then on to other glowing praise.

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Ha! My four year old just watched that. I'd have it write "FAVORED OF LOLTH!" I mean, why be vague about it?

El Mahdi

Muad'Dib of the Anauroch
uuhhhh wtf?


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El Mahdi

Muad'Dib of the Anauroch
Actually, Paul Lynde was the rat. Debbie Reynolds was the spider, which was pretty cool because...well...she was still kind of hot at that time...in a hot mom kind of way...:eek:

She'd have done a good voice of Lolth. Sweet and subtly seductive...until you saw Lolth in the light.

(showing my age a bit...)


Shhhh... the people that actually read their assigned reading in 4th grade are talking....

Never seen such book in my life. I've maybe seen a cartoon or something... Besides you cannot assume that where I have lived and raised MUST absolutely have the exactly same material for teaching as you had.
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