[Solitaire Play] New entry : B2 the Caves of Chaos


When heavy snow falls and high winds hit my region (or high and humid temperatures), it's time to solo play to test a new RPG in order to determine if I want to use it with other players. You could also do this to test a dungeon crawl or hex crawl you've created. Or maybe you have no one to play with localy and don't like playing online.

I first did this in the 80s with the Barbarian Prince game. It had a hex map, a miniature and an adventure booklet. A was a lot of fun but very difficult to finish. Now I use dungeon tiles and miniatures from the D&D boardgames. Accesories are from the out of print Mage Knight Dungeons game by Wizkids. Of course you don't need these to solo play. For general guidance in solitaire play I use the excellent The Solo Adventuer's Toolbox (D&D5e) available on the DMGuild. You can use it with other fantasy RPG systems.

Testing Fantasy AGE by Green Ronin: Rescue the Mayor
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