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D&D General Some Interesting Stats About D&D Players!

Did you know that the majority of current D&D players started with 5th Edition?


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GeekWire has reported on the recent D&D press event (which I've covered elsewhere). Along with all the upcoming product information we've all been devouring over the last day or two, there were some interesting tidbits regarding D&D player demographics.
  • 60% of D&D players are male, 39% are female, and 1% identify otherwise
  • 60% are “hybrid” players, who switch between playing the game physically or online
  • 58% play D&D on a weekly basis
  • 48% identify as millennials, 19% from Generation X and 33% from Generation Z
  • The majority of current D&D players started with 5th Edition

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That adds to 100%. My father does not even count being a Boomer at age 75. I know that Wizards are not looking at him for their product stream, move to online play, or cultural sensitivity. Likely not even looking at us Gen-x people anymore. :cry:
I feel ya. As a Gen-Xer who has one Boomer in his gaming group, I feel barely relevant. But I guess one of the nice thing about getting older is that I don't really care about that stuff much anymore. If I can sit down with friends, tell a good story, roll some dice, and have some laughs then it's a good day.


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I noticed that as well. Half the people at my table aren't in that list. I guess boomers are millennials now? :unsure:

No. It is just that your table represents under 1% of the gaming population. If they are being really good about their numbers, under half of one percent.

Congrats! You are now justified in taking "Statistical Outlier" as your user title.

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