Special Conversion Thread: Finishing off the oozes

Big Mac

Shade said:
By the base creature type, yes, but...

...it's easy enough to make exceptions with a short special ability or even flavor text. ;)

In that case my concerns are not important to this monster. Let the wriggly-ness continue. :D

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Extradimensional Explorer
Shade said:

Since these things are usually found in pipes and sewers amid magical runoff, and since oozes need to breathe, should we make them amphibious and give them a slow swim speed?
I'd agree with all that. Then should we move on to the swarms?


Monster Junkie
Added to http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=224622]Homebrews[/URL].

How much damage should the swarm deal? 1d6 seems about the norm for a swarm of that HD range.

Should we drop the death throes?

The orange light comes directly from the wrigglies. It will become dimmer and dimmer as more of the wrigglies are killed, disappearing when they are all dead.

Should the bioluminscence diminish at say, half hit points, to that of a candle?


Extradimensional Explorer
Missing that homebrews link...

1d6 sounds ok, add some acid?

Dropping death throes and diminishing the bioluminescence are good ideas.


Extradimensional Explorer

swarm (1d6+1d4 acid)
blob (4 swarms) ?
CR 3?

Make the couple changes mentioned above, and is this done?

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