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Special Conversion Thread: Frogs n' Toads


Extradimensional Explorer
I'm with Mortis on the bonus to Hide but no Improved Init.

Maybe modify swallow whole so that a victim must get free of the tongue first but then can cut themselves out or get out as in a grapple (grapple check or escape artist).

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Monster Junkie
No Imp. Init, then.

+8 bonus to Hide checks?

I know I've seen creatures that have essentially "pre-swallow whole", but they elude me at the moment.


Extradimensional Explorer
+8 to Hide sounds good. I have no idea about pre-swallow whole, either. This is something like the Snatch feat, though.


Extradimensional Explorer
Since Shade said that we can "keep on keeping on" with the 3.5 conversions and because I just can't keep up with the mish-mash of 4e news, speculation, and ranting, I thought I'd try to jump start this thread by getting back to the attack and "pre-swallow whole" ability.

To review:
freyar said:
Tongue +4 ranged (1d8)

Attach (Ex): If an archer frog hits with a tongue attack, the tongue buries itself in its target, held in place by numerous barbs on the tongue's surface. Each round thereafter that a creature remains impaled by a horn, it incurs a cumulative -1 circumstance penalty on attack rolls, saves, and skill checks. On the archer frog's turn in subsequent rounds, it attempts to drag its prey closer (see below).

A single attack with a slashing weapon against the tongue (made as an attempt to sunder a weapon) that deals at least 6 points of damage severs the tongue. Removing the barbed tongue (a full-round action) deals 3d4 points of damage to the victim, but if the character removing the tongue makes a successful Heal check (DC 20), this damage is reduced to 1d4 points.

Drag (Ex): After spearing a victim, an archer frog attempts to drag the victim closer on the archer frog's turn in each subsequent round. This activity resembles the bull rush maneuver, except that the archer frog drags its victim 10 feet closer +1 foot for each point by which its Strength check exceeds the victim's. The archer frog receives a +4 racial bonus on the drag attempt.

Tongue (Ex): The archer frog's barbed tongue serves as its only weapon. It acts as a ranged weapon with a range of 20ft (no range increment).

I added a racial bonus for the frog on the drag attempt. The only other change I might make to the above is to make the drag faster or automatic. Note that the tongue attack is not a touch attack. For the not-quite-swallow-whole ability, I present the following.

Melt in Mouth (Ex): Once the archer frog has dragged its victim to its location, it automatically
holds the victim in its mouth. Each round that the victim spends in the frogs mouth, it suffers from
1d4 points of acid damage. To escape the hold, the victim must first either sever or remove the frog's tongue from itself (see above) and then succeed at either a grapple or Escape Artist check opposed by the frog's grapple check.

Ok, that can probably be tidied up, but it's a start.

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