D&D 5E Speed & Strength Build 5e


Strength as a cantrip
How to creatively utilize one's Strength score?
Is Athletics the only use or should we add Intimidation?
Should 18 Strength allow a PC to do such and such and 20 Strength can do X?

Depending on the table, the culture, and your amazing DM... Strength can be a little more. This is just creativity and my imagination for builds and resource outlook.

General character idea:
Grapple then Jump/fly to max fall damage.
Increase Movement with Mobile feat, expeditious retreat/kinetic jaunt spells.
(optional)Tabaxi Racial Trait, Feline agility, to double one's movement.

The Dungeon Dudes new kickstarter book Sebastian Crowe's Guide to Drakkenheim has a Barbarian Subclass, Path of the Old Gods, that embodies this feeling i'm trying to get hard core. Some things in particular stood out:

Once on your turn when you hit a creature within 5 feet of you with a melee weapon attack, you can try to grapple or shove that creature as part of the same attack

Your speed is no longer halved when you try to move a creature you grappling

You can try to grapple or shove a creature up to two size categories larger than you. You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift. Your long jump and high jump are doubled

Strength Bladesinger Wizard / Valor - Sword Bard - Extra attack full spell slots to fuel your speed and jump distance, think of it as a martial subclass fueled with utility spells/magic

Multiclass into 4 levels of Clockwork Sorcerer to quicken Armor of Agathas in the heat of battle.

You don't take DC save spells just for utility. You will have more prepared spells as a bard than a wizard. You don't need max spell slots, so you could do this as an Artificer Armorer/Battlesmith, they do get expeditious retreat and Kinetic Jaunt. You could make a Strength Ranger and depend on Zephyr Strike to get the same ends.

These three spells are underrated in terms of maxing your speed or being creative to avoid damage or better positioning for later turn. Can be a better misty step.

Expeditious Retreat Bonus action level 1 spell (concentration though)- gives you two dips into rogue with cunning action's ability of using the Dash action as a bonus action. (Running/moving while grappling someone halfs your speed)

Zephyr Strike Bonus action level 1 spell (concentration though) - Do not provoke opportunity attacks, pick up who you need and start jumping in the sky. When you attack: increase 30 movement speed, advantage on attack, add D8.

Kinetic Jaunt Bonus action level 2 spell (concentration though) - Do not provoke opportunity attacks. Increases movement by 10ft. Can move through people but cant end their turn on an occupied spot.

For unused spells such as Jump and Longstrider you can work with your DM to increase the duration. You have to prepare the spell and use a spell slot, multiple resources used, trade off is good. Work with DM on Booming Blade cantrip to be used as one of your attacks in extra attack action, Tashas allows bladesinger to do this already, only fair to allow more classes one can argue. Love your DM, they will enhance the fun. BG3 has inspired the DM to gamify the sessions and resources.

Side note on Feather Fall. Imagine at level 2 it says. Your character no longer takes fall damage. Be aggressive now in your creativity when you see verticality. Always think of jumping out the window or off the roof. Be fearless. For you Always have Feather Fall prepared. See it as a class feature and hero ability then a spell, and let it drive creativity. Yes its one spell slot and a prepared spell resource, but that confidence and conviction of rooftops and windows will not be the same.

This is the Character right now:

We have a PC character that rolled really low three highest stats are 11s, So the DM allowed me to get a Custom/Homebrew neurolink Artificer class feature(starting level 3), by allowing this weaker character to use my Homonoculas as a bonus action. I have the Magic Stone Cantrip. Bonus action created three stones, which anyone can throw and uses my modifiers instead of theirs. This made me feel needed and useful in a way I never experienced before in DnD. Very nice DM.

Love your DM <3

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I cast invisibility
FWIW, we made Brawn and Grapple into Strength skills:

Brawn is used for lifting, bending, breaking, etc. It makes it so you can add your proficiency bonus to those things, which otherwise are simply straight Strength checks.

Grapple is used for, well, grappling. Not everyone is good at grapple and simply making it "an attack" never made sense to my groups.

And yes, we very frequently use it for Strength (Intimidation) checks. ;)

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