Spelljammer Spelljammer Shows Up In The Wild - Check Out The Tables of Contents

Copies of Spelljammer are starting to show up. Mike Long of Tribality is in receipt of the books and has tweeted some photos!




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Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
While I get the sentiment, I think things relating to the Outer Planes should have some ambiguity to them. Otherwise outer planes just become nice locales with different colour palettes, and you don't get anything majorly religion-y or mysterious about them. So for me the problem in your example wouldn't be the Khajit having an objectively wrong view, but the games giving you an objectively right experience of things that should be left open-ended.
I agree! I’m in favor of the ambiguity. The issue isn’t in having diverse views within the setting, it’s in showing a subset of those views to be objectively correct.

I'm with the people talking about just putting crystal spheres back in. The whole "coexisting" on two planes at once and talking about superpositions is too much. I'm using crystal spheres. Once you leave the sphere you travel to the Astral Sea. Done. So much simpler than whatever "slow entry into the Astral Plane" thing they're using now.
It seems basically the same complexity wise. Instead of a Crystal Border there is a silver mist border.


I'm sticking with the idea I posted upthread, where you pass through a portal to the Astral if you approach the edge of the Wildspace system at spelljamming speeds, but if you don't you come against the crystal sphere, from which you can pass through into the Phlogiston. The Flow is actually faster travel than the Astral, but it has all the flammability issues of the old Phlogiston, it's pretty empty, and what is out there is Great Old One level dangerous. Thus, most people use the Astral.
Quite like that idea. I might use it if I were to run a Spelljammer game myself.


I'm glad to see that none of the Spelljammer UA races got cut. And I'm hella interested in seeing HOW the Thri-Keen's arms and the Plasmoids' abilities turned out/changed.

*On the flip side, no matter what, you can use the rules for the Thri-Keen's four arms for kitbashing/customizing for any races that have four arms, like a Marilith race for pcs. (Which is already taking the Kobold Press midgard Lamia pc race and attaching the 5E Thri-Kreen arms on it. And then go from there.)


I'm also a little sad that the Swan Ships or the Battle Dolphin ship isn't in the 5E books. although I wonder how easy it would be to convert/hombrew the stats for em.

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