Spelljammer Spelljammer Shows Up In The Wild - Check Out The Tables of Contents

Copies of Spelljammer are starting to show up. Mike Long of Tribality is in receipt of the books and has tweeted some photos!




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I crit!
But that's the thing! Boo wasn't even from Spelljammer, Boo's from Baldur's Gate! So it makes no sense for Boo to be the cover piece of a Spelljammer book! Aaargh!

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Now you know how Minscs companions felt. Nostalgia!


Some thoughts.

Spelljammer has lunar and solar dragons. We just had Fizbans. Are these new dragons one of the Metallic, Gem, or Chromatic family of dragons? Or is there a new "Planetary" family of dragons?

If one of the primordial three families, presumably the 5e lunar equates the 2e moon dragon which is always Evil, thus a kind of Chromatic dragon. The 5e solar equates the 2e sun dragon which is usually Good, thus a kind of Metallic dragon.
Maybe it more complicated than that?


Mind Mage
Maybe it more complicated than that?
Maybe. Still the namechanges, sun→solar and moon→lunar, might signal other adaptations for 5e.

The lunar dragon can easily be Chromatic, where the coloring is the same palid color as the moon with the same shifting black lunar phases. So it is a color dragon.

Making the solar a Metallic dragon is a bit trickier. But the 5e Spelljammer images of the dragon do look like silvery (mithral?) scales and might be a metal dragon.

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