Spelljammer Spelljammer Shows Up In The Wild - Check Out The Tables of Contents

Copies of Spelljammer are starting to show up. Mike Long of Tribality is in receipt of the books and has tweeted some photos!




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Mind Mage
Here's what the lunar dragon looks like (EDIT: and it looks like the space whales are coming along for the ride for reasons):
Notice the pale moon color of the dragon.

Meanwhile the left side of the dragon (viewers right side) looks like dark shadow of the moon is either phasing out for a soon to come full moon, or phasing in to end a full moon.

Personally, I would make the luminous part of the moon radiate dim light. But it is still like a "color" dragon.


I'm also a little sad that the Swan Ships or the Battle Dolphin ship isn't in the 5E books. although I wonder how easy it would be to convert/hombrew the stats for em.
It kinda makes me sad that the Dragonship isn't in there. I really liked how the dominant human civilisation in original Spelljammer was non-Anglo-based - though of course the whole business didn't make much sense from an FR lore perspective. If Shou Lung had a massive spelljammer navy and a vast extensive trading empire that extends all over Wildspace, why weren't their ships regular visitors to Waterdeep or Calimshan or wherever?


Speculation Specialist Wizard
Back to the Athasspace/Doomspace thing: I found something interesting. I was looking to see if the Arcane had been brought into 5E yet or if they're just being replaced by the Mercane. I found a wiki about the Arcane in the Forgotten Realms Wiki and came across something that piqued my interest. I have no idea as to the validity of the information but it does get me thinking of a few things...

There was little known about the origin of the Arcane. Rumors abounded about their origins.[4][14] One tale claimed that the home world of the arcane was not within a crystal sphere but instead was hidden somewhere within the phlogiston.[14] A thri-kreen legend[14] told that their origin had something to do with the legendary Spelljammer, in that they gave up their homeworld in exchange for the ship with an ancient deity.[4][14] Failing to properly control the ship, they ended up as eternal wanderers,[4][14] and their planet ultimately fell into its sun.[14] The Arcane themselves did not comment on these legends.[4][14]


Mind Mage
And here's the solar dragon

Now this 5e solar dragon looks like a Metallic dragon:
5e solar dragn aka 2e spelljammer sun dragon with astral elf (Light-of-Xaryxis).png

But this 5e solar dragon, less so:
5e solar dragon aka spelljammer sun dragon.jpg

I go with first image, because it is "more realistic", sharper and more detailed. So I still see the solar image as a Metallic.

In the second image, notice the sunlike breathweapon.

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