Spoilers: Some guy in Friends & Family playtest apparently violates his NDA

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Fake? Real?

In any event, this proves that EN World DMs need to be included in the family & friends playtests.

Because we are all so much better. :)

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As for martial powers in 4e, I always had a hard time in believing daily powers for martial classes.

But encounter powers were always fine by me. There's things you can try to do regularly in a fight, like throw sand in someone's face, but generally can't repeat again, since someone is less likely to fall for that trick again.


Which people? None of the people I game with ever refer to their special abilities as powers unless we play a superheroes game.


Warlords with healing abilities (as opposed to temp hp or the like) and daily powers for noncasters would make me sad. That said, I'll take the word of PirateCat and a bunch of established ENWorld posters over random-guy-on-GitP-who-created-an-account-just-to-post-this-one-thing. Besides, as so many have said... it's a playtest, not a finished product.


Well, I don't see anything particularly "wrong" with this. It sounds like a spitball of ideas that may or may not work. I applaud Wizards for saying, "Hey lets see if this works better than this" or "Lets see if these two different character styles work in the same party."

I saw a few things things that sound like playtesting could clean up, but we'll see when we get to download the playtest later this year.

EDIT: Oh wait, PCat says its fake. Nevermind.


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On a side note to all those who dislike the use of the term "Powers" for martial classes...

Would "tricks" or "maneuvers" be more acceptable terminology?

It seems like this is just a semantics argument. Or is the objection specifically to any non At-Will type of power?

My objection is to any non at will power unless there is a reasonable and consistent explanation as to why that power cannot be used at will.

That explanation could be something like CHI, fatigue, mental state, etc.

But it can't be silly flavour text that the GM is expected to alter every time to fit circumstances.

And it can't be "well, this opportunity only comes up occasionally" when combined with "And that occasion happens EXACTLY once per encouter (or day)"

For me, the issue isn't power or balance. Its versimilitude


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I think "power" has the connotation of "super power".. something beyond human capability. Spells, psionics, etc. fit in that category. The things that fighters and rogues do, while perhaps crazy-good, are still within human capability.

I tend to think of martial "powers" as "tactics". Maybe it's semantics, but I think they need to be differentiated from spells, etc. And the mechanics need to be different as well.


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Well, I tried to open a topic on Wotc Boards (D&D Next Product Speculation) talking about this, with a link to the original topic. And asking if people they believed that was true or just a troll. It seems to have been closed and erased in less than an hour. With no explanation, anything. And I didn´t receive any PM about that.

Take that as you may.

Edit: From twitter:
Wizards_DnD @Wizards_DnD (Trevor) For those following it, the post in the GitP forums doesn't appear to actually be from our playtest or playtest material #dndnext
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One last thing, you should certainly believe everything you read on the internet. Especially when the source could be taken to court for posting it. It's never a prank or cry for attention.


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Wizards_DnD (twitter) says it "doesn't appear to actually be from our playtest or playtest material."

So, whew.

And whoever it was that told me that WotC has too much to do to address this was wrong. It was very smart of them to tell us that it is, in fact, a fake.
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