SRD 3.5 Competition

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Sulaco said:
I concur. I am not going to do the whole SRD just cos there is too bloody much of it and I have too much other stuff to do, but I am probably going to be able to get the main stuff done (ie. the contents of the PHB and DMG, and maybe MM if I have the time).

What does that leave, the psionics?

Hey Dimwhit!

Sine you have decided on a new thread: Perhaps you can post a link in your new thread's first post that points back here for all the contest details so we don't litter up the submission thread.

And perhaps you can post a link to the new thread in the first post here so people won't read the first post ( or first 7 pages ! ) and post any entries here.

Hrmm... cookies


First Post
deadline ?

The deadline has been changed to the end of september ?
or, while the true deadline remains 1st Sept (or somehting similar) there is an additional deadline at the end of september for possible latecomers ?
or nothing at all ?

It would be really nice to have an ordered list of all the submissions instead of having to browse through all the threads.


Nope, the deadline wasn't extended. Those with partially done SRDs were free to submit what they had. I'm waiting for a few judges to send me their picks, then I'll announce the winners. Those that want theirs posts for download will have that done. A couple people have offered. But I know some people who aren't done would rather wait until they were done.

However, there is an SRD Competition Submissions thread floating around here where some have been posted.

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