D&D 5E Stand Up & Rogue's Steady Aim


If I have understood it correctly, the Rogue can't use Steady Aim (from Tasha's) if she has moved in the same round. Using the RAW, what about if she uses half her movement to stand up from a prone position, remaining in the same "square"? At a first glance, I would say no, she can't use Steady Aim: what do you think? Many thanks!
You can do the opposite though, which I have done quite a bit. Use steady aim and then go prone, because going prone uses no movement. This gives enemies disadvantage to shoot back at you.

The next turn you won't be able to use steady aim thougj.
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Argyle King

Yeah, that makes no sense. Steady aim implies that you're, well... steady. So if you aren't, you don't get to use it. Generally I favour reading that actually stops to think what the rule is trying to represent and what makes sense with that instead of hyper focusing on pure RAW.

Fair enough, and I largely agree.

At the same time, "what makes sense" to me is not always what makes sense in terms of how D&D works.

I was basing my previous response on how the rules appeared to be parsed/interpreted by others.

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