OSR [Stars Without Number] Hard Light


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"Thanks for the beer" Jase tells the musicians as he gulps it down, trying to think of something he'd be willing to sing. He'd done some karaoke, but that was different - the screen helped with lyrics, and no one much minded if a rendition was mangled a little since they'd be up there in the same situation soon enough. He needed something simple. "I could try 'Moons of Venetia'. Fair warning though - I suck. I'm a fighter, not a singer."

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Times passes. Jase proves he's not a singer with "Moons of Venetia". More drinks are bought and downed. The band goes through some other standards, and more people show up as dinner time arrives. Randall has to leave shortly thereafter. Before he goes, he chats a bit with a young, trim woman with lapis lazuli eyes and very dark skin. They seem friendly. When the conversation ends, she turns up her face for a kiss, and Randall pecks her on the cheek. Gradually, the band's membership changes. A woman takes Randall's place, and, as others leave, more station personnel take their place. The pub gets more crowded, louder. Much of conviviality seems strained. Several people seem on edge, and as if they're trying to blunt that edge with alcohol and food and music....

OOC: Okay, let's advance the plot a bit, and assume about a week passes. Please post a paragraph or so about what your character's been doing. Feel free to use any of the established NPCs, but don't make any major changes to them. Make a new, minor NPC if you'd like. I'm going to post maps of the station, but I didn't want to hold the game up while I get the pics worked out. Also, +150 XP.