D&D 5E Starter set being shipped early in Canada


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If you ordered your starter set in Canada from Chapters, run, do not walk, to your mailbox and take a peek. You probably got it delivered today if you live in a major (or semi-major) urban center.


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Eternal Optimist
Without clicking the link "I want it all"?


The chorus is so accurate:

I want it all,
I want it all,
I want it all,
and I want it now!


And I'll race you to see who gets the Starter Set last, MerricB, no one in NZ is selling it (that I can find) so it is Amazon for me!

That's really unfortunate. My FLGS is getting it in, thankfully. My FLGS has actually been growing the number of players it gets for Encounters - we had 24 at the last session! It'll be nice for them to have product to sell.



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Picture of the contents:

From left to right:
Starter set rulebook at 32 pages
Lost mine of Phandelver at 64 pages
5 pregen character sheets
6 dice (Standard RPG set)

Not shown - An ad for Encounters with a blank Encounters sheet on the back.


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