Starter Set single-page spell sheets for cleric and wizard


I have just uploaded Starter Set single-page spell sheets for cleric and wizard to the downloads area.

A couple of spell sheets I made with all the spells available, DC to save, and spell progression through level 5. Wizard characters can use a marker to indicate which are in their spellbook, while the cleric can freely access it all.

If anyone fills in brief descriptions I'd love a copy (or if someone decides to make similar sheets for other classes, or more exhaustive sheets up to 9th level spells). Time restraints have made me leave that up to my player's whim in our own game. :)

You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.



There we go. :) I checked the "Thumbnail" option for the files, thinking that it might be presented like small images.

It should work now! Thanks for the assist, guys. :)


Well, that was fun
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