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stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Ch. II [IC]


First Post

Marot had been seated upon a dark purple velvet fabric covered lounge chair towards the back and side of the room -- watching the goings on in the manse.

When Jarrith stepped up to head out of the room, Marot snapped his fingers once -- then instantly appeared next to his Flame Brother in the doorway, while his image that remained in the seat said,"Lets be off!" before disappearing.

Scanning the surroundings, he whispers to Jarrith,"This place is dead anyways."

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First Post
Tessa followed the others out the door, pausing only for a moment to perform a few quick gestures and a brief prayer of blessing upon the place. Hopefully it would still be a useful shelter when they got back.

If they came back...


First Post
Ashlyn assists Irena as the young lady girds herself for battle.

Then, the ladies join Jarrith and the others by the front door. As Irena locks up, Ashlyn turns to the others and states, "It feels good to be taking more direct action towards cleansing this land. However let us be cautious lest overconfidence be our downfall ... I have lost enough friends already and do not wish to lose any more."

That said the Lady knight calls down her raven, and he alights on her shoulder as she sits on her sable steed, ready to ride out.


First Post
Ladreth squints his eyes, honing the focus on his one good, and notes the exit of the group from the burgomaster's home. The sound of hooves on the ground slows as he nears them, his heart racing in a combined nervousness and thrill of riding after so long in the basement. He slows his horse from a canter to a trot, stopping finally in front of the group. His armor is strapped and worn; his greatsword across his lap, grip to the right, ready to be drawn; his bow strung and across his back. He says nothing, just sits atop his horse in the assumed manner that he would be going, that they could use his help.

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