Storn's art for swipin'!


Some Giant love.

This is for my fellow podcaster, Jeff, and his RPG called Giants. A little giant height hierarchy. The storm giant, the robot, the giant wolf and hill giant are all PCs from various playtests.

If you want to know more about Jeff's upcoming game. Check out his design blog on the subject at:


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Ah... it's that time again. Yup, time for the Ten Ton Studios weekly challenge.

This time?

I think is time to blow this thing,
get everybody the stuff together.
Okay 3, 2, 1 Let's Jam!

Cowboy Bebop!

So. If ya wanna gander at plethora of pics about the coolest interstellar bounty hunters... head over to:

If you like mine (or others), join the forum and vote on yer fav!

Here is my entry. I went with Spike Spiegal. watercolor on illustration board.



Oohh, shiny! The colours are more textured than usual, I like that (I also dig your pencil sketches more than your coloured stuff - but then, I also like Jeremy Jarvis' stuff).

Cheers, LT.


I got permission to post these sketches, as they were part of the Houses of the Blooded playtest. The new game from designer John Wick (L5R, 7th Sea among others).

Even though we've been playing for a good 4 or 5 months, I didn't feel free to post artwork of an upcoming game, even though this is not pro- work, this is just scribbles at the table. If you are interested in checking out HotB, there is a free preview PDF here:

My assumptions: The Ven live in a fairly warm climate. Clothes are a bit skimpier than renaissance europe...but I keep slipping into a 3 musketeer mode. Remember: this type of outfits are a bit out of my acumen...I would need reference to pull what I have off in my head... and I'm at the gaming table. No time to look up reference.

Architecture in my mind is like the fantastical arabic musings of Hal Foster. Lots of butresses, scale is big.

Clothing, I go to India crossed with byzantine.

Faces: I range from oriental, to russian to indian again. And my typical white guy face does sneak in there. This is where color can really make a difference. Trying to show my own PC, Kolis, as being swarthy, yet elegant of feature, in JUST pencil, well, its a pain in the ass...

Swords: Elegant, slightly curved, good for the stab or the slash... I did many of them with no hilt. Because they are that DAMN good swordsfolk. Hilt is seen as a crutch, and a true artist with a sword doesn't need one.

First up, our quickie map of Shanri (and yes, I mispelled the damn thing on the map itself).


Next, was the cover if I was to do it. This pose proved to be very difficult and I would need a model to ge ge the weight of the figure and the odd angle to the hand brushing the hair back. But there is stuff in this that I really, really like. The height of the buildings for one.

Jorha here had the aspect: "Perfect Ass" right on his character sheet. And the player MEANT the phsyical attribute, not 'tude. I HAD to draw that!!!


This is my newest PC, Kolis, son of Tyrian. Tyrian died vs. Ork, fighting to save his betrothed. Kolis was well positioned as the young guy, to take over the Count-ship from the evil Count Szas, with backing from all the other barons.



Tavish was originally Jorha's spymaster. But the player retired Jorha and picked up Tavish. Tavish is betrothed to Meza.


My beloved Tyrian, now deceased.


The Twins, Lonor and Sagay, also dead.


The PC Sarac, who was a bad fit, evil, manipulative to the bone. He was killed by Bayool, his own son, who is now the player's PC.



And here is the prelim relationship map with a couple of more NPCs on it.


And a very quick sketch of Meza, once an NPC wife of Sagay, but now the Player of Sagay's PC after Sagay's operatic death. Meza, here, was leading forces against the evil Count Szaz's Ork allies on behalf of the young Count, Kollis.

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Very nice artworks (and yes, I still like your pencil work a notch more than your coloured art) - and I like the specific style. For me, it also has some sort of Eberron vibe - vaguely earth-inspired, but not mimicking something specific.

And I want a miniature based on Meza's sketch.

Cheers, LT.

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