Storn's art for swipin'!


Well, time to rebuild. Here is some new/old stuff.



The Knowledge Arcana cover.


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Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
Storn said:
Yes I do commissions. I charge though. Details are on my website.
Do you draw anything for liesure, or do you not have time for that?


Jdvn1 said:
Do you draw anything for liesure, or do you not have time for that?

Not really. Well, sorta, see below. Those sketches were done while at the gaming table. I have plenty of my own projects that keep me busy when I'm not doing paying work...

Folks, I know that several have been a'waitin' on their commissions. These three weeks have been a bit busy as I had weekend plans every weekend. Last weekend was my grandmother'ss 80th Bday bash in Dayton. This weekend is publicity for Actionopolis at the Motor City Con.

Actionopolis is a young adult publisher. Not comics, but illustrated novels for 12 yr. old set. If you are at the con, stop on by.

So. I've got some commissions penciled, as I've been on the road. But nothing is finished.

I just found these three doodles from me sketching during an actual game. This is for a once a month pulp game (1928) that features us players journeying to a mysterious island that the previous expedition never came back from.

We have Beatrice White, the entomologist (I think that is the right spelling). We have Dr. Jackson, archeologist and animal rights activist. Visual is very much based on a Dr. Jackson seen in some other show. And Malloy, the American mercenary who's recent adventures where in China. Robert Mitchum was the basis for Mallory. Which I drew a young R. Mitchum from memory, no reference, and I think did a credible job. My character, Percy Sullivan, son of a Colorado ranch baron has a picture, but I haven't tracked it down.

So, here they are.



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