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Str barb/rogue ASI help


I want to get the opinion of some of the optimizers. Mountain dwarf Barb1/rogue4(thief) s16 d14 c16 i10 w12 cha8 who use shortsword and shield, halfplate and flings a hand axe (dm allows me to sneak attack when thrown).

Thoughts on what to take ASI or feat? Considering boosting strength or constitution or taking a feat. Sharpshooter or Squat nimbleness (I can still manipulate stats)


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As long as i get to be the frog
i like con on barb/rogue. My goal when I make one is to tank. Reckless attack or two weapon fighting with short swords is great.

A few things depend on your immediate future plans. If you don’t get barb 2 for reckless attack soo. I’d definetly go strength. IF you’ll get reckless you can forgo str and instead take con or take a feat. I prefer con over a feat on this.


CON doesn't give you as much when you're wearing half-plate as it would if you were staying unarmored (which is typically only advantageous when focusing on DEX vs STR).

I'm also not crazy about Squat Nimbleness, mainly because you have even stats, so you'd be wasting half of the benefit (at least until you hit rogue 8 and can pair it with another half feat). Though if you can manipulate your stats using point buy you could take STR up to 17 and either WIS down to 10 or INT to 8.

Did you take expertise in athletics? You could be a grapple-tank, in which case Shield Master would be a really good pick: find the most dangerous enemy, grapple them and use your bonus action to shove them prone, so they are stuck making attacks at disadvantage until they can break out. When raging you'll be rolling your grapple and shove checks at +9 with advantage (and even when not raging, a straight +9 will be good enough most of the time). The down side of course is that you're not able to make much use of sneak attack if you're doing that all the time, since you need a hand to maintain the grapple, plus if you go to rogue 7 evasion supersedes part of the benefit of the feat. But Rogue 5 is still very useful.

If that's not your cup of tea I'd probably just go +2 STR, or rearrange stats and take Squat Nimbleness for STR 18.

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