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SUNDAY AM: Big Trouble in Little Glantri (Basic D&D) 1 OPEN SLOT-UPDATED PLAYER INFO!

Ok we are set for Sunday AM
Big Trouble in Little Glantri ( Basic D&D)

It has been years since the once thriving city of Quagmire sank into the sea. The best minds in the field of theoretical magic at the University of Glantri were determined to find out why and restore the city to its former glory.

A research station was constructed and a team of experts was sent to work on the problem. The project was showing great progress when all communication from the research site ended abruptly.

The university sent out a call for experienced explorers to accompany a platoon of Glantri expeditionary force marines and a few specialists to investigate the facility. Your mission: investigate the research facility and discover why communications have ceased.

The PC’s:
This kind of job is exactly what you needed after that nasty bit of personal business in Specularum. A cushy stint babysitting some marines while they look for some dimwitted researchers and getting flown in by airship too! The pay offered seemed rather generous to boot, so why is that little voice in the back of your mind screaming at you?

Cedric: Fighter
Cedric is the leader of the company but he would never claim or assume such a title. An expert with a sword, and a clear tactical thinker, Cedric’s ability to remain calm and focused in the most dangerous of situations has saved the party on several occasions.
Primary Skill: Explorer
Secondary Skill: Athlete
Background Skills: Craft: Blacksmithing, Craft: Cooking, Knowledge: Law (Karameikan)

Katarina the Red: Fighter
It seems that Katrina’s job is to find trouble. A fiery redhead with an impulsive streak a mile wide, Katarina is an expert fencer and an accomplished rogue. Katarina has a talent for sniffing out money and has contributed greatly to the group’s financial success.
Primary Skill: Thief
Secondary Skill: Athlete
Background skills: Gambling, Performance: Dancing, Profession: Sailor

Darnok Trollskinner: Dwarf
Darnok is a proud warrior as well as an accomplished ranger and explorer. He taught Cedric most everything he knows about tactics. Sometimes tactics get forgotten when friends are being harmed. It’s times like these that throw Darnok into a berserk frenzy.
Primary Skill: Ranger
Secondary Skill: Explorer
Background skills: Profession: Mining and Craft: Stonemasonry

Brianna: Elf
Brianna is a Callarii Elf, native of Karameikos. She met Stephanos some years ago while receiving magical instruction from the same tutor as he. Brianna’s natural charm helps her in the role of negotiator. She is also a skilled archer, spell caster, and dabbles somewhat in the thieving arts.
Primary Skill: Diplomat
Secondary Skill: Thief
Background skills: Craft: Leatherworker, Craft: Bowyer

Stephanos the Learned: Magic User
Stephanos is Cedric’s older brother and tries to protect him when possible. His skill in the arts of magic and command of large amounts of academic knowledge sometimes tend to push his natural overconfidence to dangerous levels.
Primary Skill: Scholar (Thaumatology, Religion, The Planes, Law (Karameikan), History (world), History (Karameikan), Geography (world), Geography (Karameikan)
Secondary Skill: Diplomat
Background Skills: Craft: Blacksmithing, Craft: Glassblowing, Profession: Scribe

Brother Justin: Cleric
Brother Justin is a good-natured priest of the Church of Traladara. He accompanied Darnok on his travels for a time before meeting the others. Justin’s easygoing demeanor and status as a religious figure aid him in smoothing over some difficult situations that this party always manages to land itself in.
Primary Skill: Diplomat
Secondary Skill: Healer
Background Skills: Knowledge: Nobility (Karameikan), Knowledge: Architecture (Karameikan), Profession: Brewer

PC’s in this game have abilities and skills beyond what is given in the B/XP rules. No knowledge of Basic D&D rules will be needed to play. Please include your character preference during signup if you have one.

3)gkraus1008-Brother Justin
4)Fenris -Darnok
6)OPEN SLOT-Brianna

Additional Information:

In order to avoid having to read excessive setup material during valuable game time I have decided to outline the adventure opening here for all to read so we can start playing right away.

Your journey from Glantri City aboard the Sky Countess was relaxing and uneventful for the first few days. The marines and ship crew were friendly and good solid company on the trip. As your vessel approached the Serpent Peninsula a dark cloud could be seen in the vicinity of your destination. Thundershowers are common in the area this time of year and the ship’s crew appeared unconcerned. Being experienced adventurers, you knew that nearly everything was worthy of at least a little concern……

As the ship moved in closer to the darkness, some purplish-green lights could be detected further inside the clouded area. Your inner concern was soon confirmed by immediate threat. Suddenly, some sort of large flying creatures struck the Sky Countess repeatedly! Getting only a brief glimpse of the monstrosities that tore into the ship you could swear that they looked like flying gorillas with the heads of some demonic lizard. In a few moments the damaged ship came crashing to the ground and everything went black…..

You awaken in the dark and thoroughly soaked. From the smell of things , you are in a swamp. You sense people nearby and hear no sounds of combat. Whatever brought down your ship is gone, at least for the moment. Looking around ,your party is among only a handful of people to survive the crash. The others are:

Sgt. Alphonso Pone of the Glantri marines.
Cpl. Brad Huxton of the Glantri marines.
Pvt. Drew Frost of the Glantri marines.
Pvt. Alexi Vasquez of the Glantri marines.

Figgy Newton, a half-goblin researcher from Glantri University. She insists everyone just call her “Newt”.

Karl Burkett, a representative of the Bursar’s office from Glantri University.
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