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So my son wants to play some D&D, and I plan on it but I think he might enjoy a super hero game better. So any advice on a good super hero game for a 9 year old boy?

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I would go with the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game. I've read a lot of stories of people teaching the game with a lot of success to kindergartners and grade schoolers. The mechanics are pretty basic and very flexible, which is good when dealing with whatever out-there ideas your son comes up with. :)


+1 for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.

It's amazingly simple. Kids can worry about what Wolverine would do rather than what powers he's got. They're also really simple mathematically, so you get the math exercise of adding up dice, but not a million different modifiers.


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Thanks. I had seen the Marvel game and was wondering about it. I'm not worried too much about the math for him, but a set of rules more stream lined than D&D 3.5 is nice and not just for him.

I haven't really gamed at all since 4.0 came out, can't seem to find a good group along with having less time these days. Going thru the PHB with him really had me missing it.

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MHRP is really easy to teach to players if they aren't attached to a more rules-intensive style of gaming. Though most kids are open minded little sponges, so no worries there.

The rules quite easily support single-player games if it ends up just being you and your son.

Character generation can be as simple as printing out one of the Marvel hero data files, and diving into the action. Char-gen can also be turned toward making brand new heroes of your imagining (or characters from other movies/comics/novels/video games/etc). Making characters from scratch isn't mechanically difficult, but there is a good amount of thought that can go into building them up to "play right" in terms of powers, flaws, etc having some weight in the dice pools whilst staying close to the original concept.

Also, d12's get to be the shining stars for a change :)

It's $20 for the Basic Game (all that is needed imo...though wanted is another matter ;)), and if you purchase the game from one of MWP's preferred retailers (or direct from them online) you get a free pdf of the book.

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