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Level Up (A5E) Synergy Feat Chain: The Collector (Beastmaster/Stitcher)


Recent discussion of pets as class features gave me an idea for a synergy feat chain. I give you The Collector! Simply put: Collectors like cool creatures, want to possess them and manipulate them. Collectors are super creepy...


Sidebar: Minions and Summons Etiquette
It is really unfortunate that summoning and minions get a bad rep at many tables. Players who come unprepared and really slow a session to a painful slog if they are unprepared, and unaware Narrators might have a hard time adjusting to having more creatures on the map. If you are going to make any use of minions and summons, please keep the following in mind:
  • Be the most prepared person at the table. Have your statistics and the statistics of your minions/summons easily accessible and in a form you can easily take notes on them. Make sure you read the pages over before the session starts, even if you have read them before, and know what you and your minions/summons can do.
  • Make decisions in advance. This is a good rule-of-thumb for any player, but be actively engaged in play so you can make decisions in advance. If you are effectively making more turns than everyone else, make sure that the combined time that you spend on your turns is no longer than any one other player's one turn.
  • Communicate in advance. Some players don't have fun when they don't take as many turns as other players and some Narrators need more time to prepare if there are going to be minions or summons in play. To maximize everyone's fun, make sure everyone knows what to expect from your character and, if possible, discuss ways everyone will be able to contribute and synergize even with minions or summons on the board, making attacks, and taking hits.

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